7 September 2008

You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

I spent all day yesterday tidying my workroom.
After a summer of sewing PE bags I had to enlist the help of a friend as it was a two-woman job (and no, I still haven't finished all the orders!).
At about 9:00 last night I finally got to sweep the FLOOR!
I haven't seen the floor in such a long time.
I missed it.
I was thinking of running a sweepstake as to how long you think it will stay looking like this, but then I realised that the chances are, by the time you've read this, the floor will probably have disappeared under a sea of fabric and ribbons!
If you want to see explanations as to what things are, please click here to see photos with notes.


belleandboo said...

I went into my studio yesterday to find a shelf had fallen down, which resulted me doing a huge long over due clean up, but like you I don't think the calm will last

April said...

Wow - well done you - all that hard work

April xx

Tip Top said...

Heheheheh!! And I see that my notelets are still there!!

Katy said...

wow - you have a FLOOR!?

momof2gr8kids said...

i am sorry.. my blog brain has been SICK.. ugh.. start of school and i get sinus infection and broncitis.. feel like poop no time for writting.. but i will get to it this week.. janice

granny*jelly said...

It's amazing what you can do with photo software these days - and I thought I was pretty smart getting rid of red eye.

Country Bliss said...

Great workroom, I could do with one of those.