12 September 2008

Happy Nip-tuals

Okay, so I may offend some people with today's post, and I did think about not blogging it, but I just had to use that title for this post!

How classy is this wedding dress?
I have posted a teeny-tiny picture that you can click on.
If you're easily offended then don't look!
What do you think the woman in the right foreground is saying?
What do you think the bride is thinking?
And I bet we all know what the groom is thinking!
Thanks go to my mum for sending me this!


April said...

OMG - tasteless (do you think they're real?? LOL)

April xx

Country Bliss said...

OMG unbelievable! I reckon he bought her a boob job as a wedding present.
Funny though!

Lola said...

Hey!! Where did you get that copy of my wedding picture??

Tip Top said...

Fantastic!!! Bet she dare not move for fear of them errupting hehehe!!

Pearlyqueen said...

A triumph (and I don't mean the lingerie manufacturer) for silicone and sellotape...

Esther said...

I had a friend who used to be famous fr falling out of her dresses and she was always more covered than that! Bet there was tape involved. umm think about where the tape would need to go... ouch!

trashalou said...

Do you think she just had a crubbish dressmaker?