1 September 2008

That'll Teach Me!

Some of our neighbours are having some building work done which started today.
.The two young lads had really loud music blaring from their works' van.
"Oh I can't listen to that all day, mutter, mutter ... "
So I decided to nip it in the bud and act like a middle-aged housewife.
Me : "Excuse me? Would you mind turning your music down a bit please?"
Builder No 1 : "Of course love. Sorry about that"
(OMG, I'm officially a "love")
Builder No 2 : "Have you a baby sleeping?"
Me : "No"
(thinking to myself ... "I just think your music is crap")
So they very kindly switched their music off and we're all happy.
Except I get inside and realise .... he thought I'd just had a baby!!
I'm off to check out the WeightWatchers Web Site!


JuliaB said...

It's not so bad! I'm getting to the stage where i might be considered too old to have a baby! xx

Lola said...

Since I already have so many kids, and am FAT, people always think I'm pregnant....again.......
If you find a way to lose it let me in on it!

I have already found some cool stuff for the swap...heh heh heh.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh it's the most crushing insult a woman can receive isn't it? I remember it happened to me when I was about 25 and at night school. It was the dress I was wearing that did it but I was mortified. Mind you, so was the lady who said it when I said 'no'.

April said...

Don't worry, Emma a couple of months ago I was wearing (what I Thought) was a very flattering top - only to have the bus driver ask me when my baby was due! - My daughter is 8!!! Needless to say the top is now banished to the back of the wardrobe!

April xx

prettyshabby said...

tell them no you havent had a baby,you just need a big poo..that'll throw 'em.