4 September 2008

Such A Happy Chappy

So. Here he is on his first day back to school.
Note the un-cut hairstyle (ran out of time)
Note the look of pure misery on his face.
This is NOT because he's unhappy about going back to school, but because I've told him to STAND STILL to have his photograph taken.
Note the un-scuffed shoes (I give it 3 hours)
I'm very happy he's gone back to school because now I know he will be doing something during the daytime - it's been a fairly quiet summer holiday for him, thanks largely to the rubbish weather, but also because I can't take time off from the business.
So that's it. Summer is offically over ... bring on autumn!


April said...

What a cutie! xxx

Anonymous said...

why have you super-glued his hands together?

Tip Top said...

Hehehehehe!!!! At least the grass looks well!

Joanne said...

I think the hair is kind of cute. Six weeks is a long time to have off when the weather here is SOoo wet.

By the way I've tagged you, rules on my blog

Cortes fan said...

He is a gorgeous little boy!!!! Must take after his dad!! he he SusieQ xx

prettyshabby said...

ah bless him! you meany making him stand still..I bet it was for aaaaaaaaages too.(all of 3 seconds) I love you blog y'know..its so entertaining..pissed animals and mad grannies with spare steering wheels, even cheery little dickies singing their hearts out..just what I need on a day like this (although I do have 5 cats homing in on me as i type)