6 September 2008

Camper-Van Divas!

The Camper-Van swap is now closed for entering and boy*jelly has picked each name out of a carrier bag in pairs as follows :

In no particular order :

Roseberry Crafts... & ...Vanessa

Alexandra... & ...Tip Top

Country Bliss... & ...Summerfete

Leah... & ...fiveminutesmore

Shropshire Scrapper Suz... & ...Indigo Blue

ethel and edna's tearoom... & ...Pearlyqueen

Lola ... Again!... & ...jellybelly*jellybrain

April... & ...Joanne

Katy... & ...Esther

Colourart... & ...saraeden

Suzie Sews... & ...Deanne

I promise they were all picked completely randomly and all names have links to their blogs, except for *Alexandra* who doesn't have a blog.

Can you all please email me (address on sidebar) with your contact details and I will then exchange these details with your swap partner.

The (loose) deadline to get your swap items to your partner is 4 weeks from now

4th of October

I will create a group on flickr where you will be able to post photographs of your handmade goodies!

Good Luck Camper-Van Divas!


Leah said...

Whoo hoo - I can't wait as I know what I'm going to make already - just need to know my partner's fav. colours!!

Thanks for organising this.

April said...

Oh brill! A new project and a new blog to read YIPPEE!!!

April xx

Joanne said...

hi Emma can't wait to get going on the swap, this is my first swap so what are the rules if there are any.

Katy said...


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Woohoo!!! I've got a new friend and she can crochet like... a person that's VERY good a crochet. Do you think it's possible to crochet a life-sized camper??? :o)

PS I wish those birds would go to bed. It's dark here!! They should be a-roostin' by now.

Deanne said...

Oooh brilliant, thinking cap is now ON! :) x

Vanessa said...

Oh fab you have picked me a fellow Northerner.

I'm really looking forward to my 1st swap.

Thanks for including me

Vanessa x

momof2gr8kids said...

oh man i signed up for this but now i dont see me here.. poop!! all this school starting and sickness. and poop.. now i really feel terrible!!

Roseberry Crafts said...

Yay, we have lift off! This is going to be interesting. All my craft stuff is currently packed into boxes whilst we have the house re-wired. I'm sure I'll be able to manage it though, just gotta know what I need and which box to rummage in!

Suzie Sews said...

how exciting....emmmm....i have lost my notebook with my requirements, lease advise...hows that for a good start...its campervan madness!!!