18 September 2008

Still Feeling Sad

For those of you who saw the vanishing blog-post I made earlier in the week ... I'm still feeling sad.
My MOJO has got up and gone.
I'm taking some time out from the business and just trying to chill.
Hopefully I will be as right as rain and back to my usual self in a while.
My thoughts are still with the family who lost their 12 year old son at the weekend.


April said...

Hope you're feeling better soon

Thinking of you


April xx

Roseberry Crafts said...

Thinking of you Emma. Will miss your online presence but I understand why you need some time out. Hope you feel better soon.xxx

In Blog-land My Name is Lola.... said...

I've been thinking of you! It takes a while for the Sad to settle a little when young ones pass away.
Crafting can be good therapy....when you're ready.

momof2gr8kids said...

Emma, at times like this you need to take time out and smell the roses, and apreciate life just as it is. In everyday we have to live our lives IN the moment. right now your moment is to grief. I am thinking of you and praying or you. God be with the family and you as you struggle with this terrible thing. I am thinking of you.

Esther said...

Hugs. Not much more I can say really, just look after yourself.

Jackie said...

Don't you think its just becasue you had all those pe bags to do and now you need to re focus.
You will be back.

Ringmaster said...

I am so sorry. I have also had a friend lose a son. It was heartbreaking. It is ok to be sad. That is how we heal. Just know all of us out here in blog land are thinking of you and your friend.

Sal said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Big hugs ;-)

summerfete said...

Emma Just to say you are not alone with the sadness. Its perfectly normal, nobody can be 100% happy all the time. I hope my silly post cheers you up!
Clare x

tillyboo said...

Oh bless you. Thinking of you and your sadness but time heals and you'll be back when you are ready.
Life is precious and so very sad when a little one leaves us but I try and tell myself they have gone to a better place with sunshine, ice-cream and lots of love & huggles, and that we'll all be reuinted one day.