1 May 2008

Cornishware Cushions

As well as the chocolate cupcake apron order I received this week, I also received a request to make some gingham cushions for a kitchen to match Cornishware China..

I decided 1 inch gingham (rather than 1/8 gingham) was more suitable for a kitchen and would match the large stripes. Hopefully, I have managed to match the blues!

I had a busy day yesterday getting all my stock priced and boxed ready for the lady's shopping evening tonight as well as a large craft fair on Saturday.

So today I have to tidy the carnage/mess/path of destruction I created yesterday and get the house into a habitable condition.

Now, has anyone seen the instruction manual for the sucky-hoover thing....?!


thriftymrs said...

Ooooh those cushions are so pretty.

incywincy said...

Oh I love Cornishware - My Nan left me all her cornishware china... Not to be touched by Emma!
Love the cushions :o)