9 May 2008

Out With The Old....

How are you liking my new blog-look? I LOVE it!.
Now I could be really sneaky and say I did it all myself, but all the credit has to go to Jo at
Siggi Shop
The initial design was mine, but Jo took it to another level and I'm so pleased with it.
Please do take the time to have a look at her site!
The picture I asked her to use was from a CD I own of vintage pictures, and I love this one as it is children having a jelly tea-party!
Oh, and I managed to lose my sidebar links yesterday (all down to me, not Jo!) so if I've left somebody off that was on there before please let me know!


thriftymrs said...

Very pretty new look.

Barbara said...

Love the look, the background is so pretty!

Jo said...

OOO I say! thank you so much! this is very nice of you.
enjoyed it, and found out a few things i didn't know before ;)