30 April 2008

Chocolate Cupcake Challenge

I was asked to make a new design this week for a little girl who loves chocolate!

Her mum wanted to buy her a personalised cupcake apron, but could I make it as a chocolate one instead?

. I tried using brown felt instead of the pink, but it looked like a muffin rather than a cupcake, so I added some white icing and a red button for the cherry.


I've also used red gingham and felt instead of pink.
I shall shortly be adding this style to the website and I hope Amelia likes it!

1 comment:

jillytacy said...

Your cupcake aprons are so cute! I'm sure the little girls will love them. I just doodled a new cupcake and stitched out on a little quiltie for my friend. Cupcakes are so much fun!