2 May 2008


Can anybody else feel it?

My nose is getting stuffy, my eyes are getting itchy .... it can mean only one thing .... hayfever season is upon us!

.Whilst my favourite season is summer, I do so hate waking up with a nose that feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool!

.So to all my fellow hayfever sufferers I say "Gesundheit"

..I got back late last night from the Ladies Shopping Evening and woke up extra early this morning because I couldn't breathe so thought I'd do my blog-post in the peace and quiet of the morning before the daily cajoling and bribing with boy*jelly to : "get up, get dressed, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, get in the car, get out of the car, don't run, give me a kiss" begins!

. The evening was a roaring success with lots of lovely ladies there doing what we do best ... shopping, talking and laughing!

.I bought a Jaffa Cake brownie from 7a Coffee Shop who had a stall there and thought I'd died and gone to heaven! It was divine! Their brownie recipes are a closely guarded secret and sadly they don't do mail-order .... which is probably just as well as I'd have to re-name the business massivebelly*jellybrain! If you're ever passing through Cirencester, I strongly recommend making a detour to visit their coffee shop!

. Anyway, time is creeping on and it's time to startle my vocal chords into life with a "time to get up" yodel!


thriftymrs said...

Summer is my least fave season because of this whole reason. Not stop sneezing. Atishoooooooo!

Tine said...

LOL! Massivebelly! That is too funny!!

Fortunately I don't have hayfever, but my sweetie does :-( So we have bought lots of antihistamines and hope he'll get through spring okay... It must be so uncomfortable!