10 May 2008

Love At First Sight

I know a couple of you were alarmed to read in an earlier post that I had walked awy from some gorgeous pink gingham shoes in a charity shop.
What I didn't tell you was I already have a pair at home that I snapped up for £3 ($6) in a charity shop last year.
It was love at first sight!
Aren't they gorgeous? And what's more, they're Moda in Pelle!
I've only worn them a couple of times for fear of breaking my ankles, but I just HAD to have them.
The white flowers are stitched leather with a pink gingham button in the centre and tiny pink seed beads.


Esther said...

So cute. When I was younger I didn't like pink but I've grown into it somehow over the years.

Barbara said...

very cute! I'd be scared of breaking my ankle too. Why is it the cutest shoes are so dangerous!

Jo said...

i'd break my neck in those!!!!!

they are very pretty though.

Tine said...

They are beyond lovely!! Love them!