21 November 2008

Pick It, Lick It, Roll It, Flick It!

boy*jelly had a friend to tea yesterday evening.
The friend was of the girl variety, but luckily they are still at that age where those things aren't important.
I shall call this friend Chloe, for that is her name.
When I took Chloe home in the car, I enquired as to whether she had enjoyed herself at a "boy's house"?
Chloe : "Oh yes, I have been to a boy's house for tea before, I went to Alfonse's house once. Gertrude in my class says she has kissed Alfonse on the lips before, but I haven't"
Me : "Ewwww, why would you want to kiss a boy on the lips? Boys are smelly. Boys do gross things like pick their nose and wipe it on their t-shirt"
Chloe : "Yes. I know." ..... pause..... "My daddy doesn't though. He picks his nose and flicks it out the window"
Oh I love the way kids are happy to betray their parents!
Alfonse and Gertrude are not their real names, but I don't want Adam and Ruby's mums to find out.


April said...

Kids say the funniest things! I love your little "disclaimer" - so funny!

April xx

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

heh heh heh....!

madeleinemiranda said...

Awww don't you just love kids!!!

Have a nice evening :)

Mademoiselle M.

Rubyred said...

Haha that's funny. I was watching a documentary thing the other evening with my 12 year old about a Lufthansa hijacking back in the 80's. He asked me if it was about the mile high club - gulp!

Ragged Roses said...

That is so funny!
Poor old "Chloe's" dad

Tip Top said...

Fantastic!!!! Kids are fab!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Thank you for your advice on my studio, and I agree kids say the funiest of things, Daniel often has us in stitches.... they are priceless!

cheers Alex

April said...

Hi, I've left you an award and a tag on my blog

April xx

summerfete said...

Its Ralph!!


Tip Top said...

There is an award for you on my blog!

Colourart said...

Hehe - aren't they wonderful at that age. Speaking as they find.
A blog award for you on my blog.