17 November 2008

Six Of The Best

I have been tagged by my blogging friend Happy Loves Rosie
(If you haven't seen Happy's blog before - go now ... the photos of her home will make you drooooool.)
* Link to the person who tagged you
* Mention the rules
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself
* Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
* Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.
I did something similar to this tag here and here and I'm struggling to think of more "un-interesting" secrets to divulge, so I thought I'd share 6 gross things about me.
If you are a lady-like and sensitive person with
eye-rolling and tutting tendencies then do not read any further!
Gross fact 1:
Farts make me laugh.
I have been known to cry with laughter because of a guff.
Even the word "guff" makes me titter.
Birthday card from my Dad
Gross fact 2:
I haven't cleaned my bathroom in forever.
I keep using the excuse that any germs will make our immune system stronger.....
Gross fact 3:
If there's any milk left in the bottom of my cereal bowl, I will drink it straight from the bowl.
Gross fact 4:
I did a craft-fair on Friday evening and found the remains of the pear I had put in a tied-up plastic bag from the craft fair the week before.
Which reminds me - I still haven't chucked it in the bin, but now at least it is tied-up in two plastic bags.
Gross fact 5:
(Okay, now I'm struggling for any more gross facts.....)
I discovered a really long, thick, black, curly hair sprouting out of the top of my head last month.
It was of the pubic variety.
On my head, people!
Gross fact 6:
Not really gross, but not very ladylike ....
I swear like a trooper when boy*jelly isn't around.
It's like all the swear words I haven't been allowed to say when he's around all have to come out.
I'm like a demented Tourette's lady.
I would like to apologise to anybody who now thinks of me in a different way.
Especially my mum.
(PS - Before you ring the environmental health, that isn't really my bathroom)
I bequeath this tag to the last 6 bloggers to become one of my followers:


MelMel said...


Thank you...will do the tag soon...got an interview to cram for!

Jennie said...

LOL that was great! And thank heavens that isn't your bathroom really! I was about to send Kim and Aggie around!

April said...

Oh that was so funny!!

April xx

krafty girl said...

thanks for tagging me.
im going to have to think of some interesting yet strange facts,
something clean?
thats gonna be hard!

loved your responses,
guff!lmao makes me laugh too


Happy said...

I take my hat off to you Emma, you have made me Laugh out loud chick :D

Your facts are fab...I want to read more, but reading through your blog Em...its all so cool, you should seriously think of writing a book you have a serious wicked side LOL!

Thanks for being a FAB tagging partner - love Happy x


Te He

Think that sums that post up V nicely.

You are funny :)


Pixiedust said...

Thanks for tagging me. Did make me laugh. I laugh at farts too, don't you just love toilet humour.

claire said...

de-lurking to thank you for the laugh :)
As mum to 4 boys we are partial to a bit of toilet humour -last year on a train to London for a bit of culture (well Joseph and his amazing Lee Mead)my then 9 year old farted and it sounded like the start of the 'bomchickawawa' from the Lynx advert....it is still referred to regularly! Thats a whole new post farts to go down in history :)
Wow what a simply super introduction to me!:0
I'll go now before I say something embarrassing!!!

momof2gr8kids said...

you are just sassy!!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

So funny, and farts were always called trumps or trumping in our house when we were growing up... there is nothing wrong with drinking the last drop of milk from the bowl its only natural...

definately a very good giggle.. thank you

Anonymous said...

OMG look at that bathroom!!! Eeeekk! Scary!

Tilly Rose said...

Thanks for tagging me, the sad things is I have actually agreed with most of your gross facts, how naughty is that.

Will do the tag thing tonight once I have peace in my household...


prettyshabby said...

emma I love your sense of humour gross or not. I've just spent a couple of days in hospital and they asked my if I was nervous.. not really but I do have a lot of wind so I'm nervous of letting one go whilst I'm under under anaesthetic.. oh the shame!I thought it was really funny and so did a couple of others theatre staff but I did get some nervous tuts!! hooray for farts, I find them hilarious too.x