10 November 2008

This Princess Doesn't Need A Pea ....

It's getting to that time of year again..
The one that causes me loads of anxiety and stress.
Traipsing from shop to shop looking for just the right thing.
I'm not talking about Christmas shopping.
Oh no - Christmas shopping is a breeze compared to this nightmare.
I'm talking about buying new sheets for my bed.
I have the most sensitive legs known to womankind.
(And not the "Restless Leg Syndrome" sort of legs either.)
I frustratingly call them my "jiffly" legs
(or as Kramer on Seinfeld calls them "Jimmy" legs!)
My sheets have to be as smooth as a baby's bum, cool to the touch and with absolutely NO BOBBLES!

I have been known to toss and turn, and jiffle and fidget because of an eyelash scratching me.
So when it comes to buying sheets they have to be rigorously stroked against my cheek and rubbed across my lips to make sure there is no hint of scratchiness.
And here's how you can help dear blogger....
I have considered buying Egyptian cotton sheets, but they are heniously expensive ... are they worth it?
Will they caress my legs with their cool, velvety softness?
Will they bobble after the first wash?
Will my quest for the perfect sheets ever end?


MelMel said...

Have you thought of Northen nights...QVC....they do a very good value 300 thread count bedlinen range, you can have them delivered and try them....if you can't bear them you have 30 days to return, used or unused!


Esther said...

QVC isn't such a bad suggestion as they will literally let you use them for 30 days then send them back if you don't like them.. They even say in their craft shows you can send back part packs if you use some items and don't want the rest!!

Cotton wise the higher the thread count the better in board terms. I have been repeatedly told Egyptian cotton is good as it has a longer staple length therefeor less ends to work their way out of the thread and become spiky.

summerfete said...

Emma I once bought Egyptian sheets and all I can say is~ creases creases creases!!

I buy my sheets in Debenhams/colouroll always 100% cotton so theres no bobbling.

I'm waiting for the sales (when bargains can be had, from someone who once worked there).

Its fresh bedlinen night tonight, I cant wait!!

Clare x

prettyshabby said...

eww bobbly bed sheets are vile arent they..Ive found that Laura ashleys plain white sheets are rather nice and soft, the older they get,the silkier they get!

Josie-Mary said...

Hello, Habitat do really good 100% cotton sheets. I've had mine for years & they get better we age. I guess I have to say this as I do work there but I've found them to be the best. They do cost a bit but we always have special offers that I can tell you about... have a look on the web site

Katy said...

ah. I have the same problem. I buy egyptian cotton, and have spent a flipping fortune on sheets (thanks to MIL telling me I need Yves Delorme)...but my favourites are from M&S, they're much cheaper, don't crease anywhere near as much and I LOVE them. I'll find out what they're called and email you....

Lavender hearts said...

Hiya, thanks for your comment! I'm afraid that's my old bathroom in my old house (was reminiscing!) - I now have a 'delightful' peach suite!


Simone said...

I agree with the comments about QVC bed linen. I have had fitted cotton sheets from them and they are silky smooth with no bobbles! I hate bobbly flannel sheets!!!

cara lou said...

No sheet advice, but I just had to respond to you comment about Disneyland. That is one of the cutest things I've ever heard! I'm with Toby...I'd dream of owning a chocolate shop, too!

JuliaB said...

oooh i luuurrrve Egyptian Cotton .. it is so silky and snuggly and luxurious feeling. x

Painted Jeans said...

Hi! I love your blog! And as far as sheets go... check out Beech Sheets - they are not cotton, but made from Beechwood Trees. I've had everything from Egyptian Cotton to QVC Flannel to Northern Nights to French 700tc Silk.... and none of them compare to these! And the price is fab!! Wash after Wash - they're the best!