1 November 2008

The Fairy Godjelly And The Silly Girl

One day, the Fairy Godjelly was feeling quite sad because something not-very-nice had happened to somebody she knew.
She couldn't get out of her funk, and even her invisible friend "Mojo" disappeared for a bit.
The Fairy Godjelly likes to visit a blog tearoom run by Ethel and Edna, and they could see that she was sad and wanted to help her find her friend Mojo.
To cheer her up, one of the owners, Lynsey, sent her one of her girls that she likes to call "Silly" and a dinky little brooch.

The Fairy Godjelly was soon back to her normal self and her loyal friend Mojo returned.
The End.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Silly is so sweet!! Love her facial expression - priceless!!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

So glad that "Little Friend Mojo" is back and Fairy Godjelly is feeling happy again :o)
The other Silly Girls are very happy too. They are getting the tearoom ready for Christmas, making Christmassy things and they may be getting a Yuletide twist themselves. Who knows, they may even get to appear on etsy or Folksy...
'ethel and edna' (the schizo crafter!!! - one person with two names??) is feeling very festive at the moment. Once the small person is back at school, and her mum's birthday present is finished, she will be back on track!!

Sal said...

Your prize is on its way Monday/Tuesday..I have not forgotten,I just have not been to the post office as I have been too busy crafting!!;-)

Simone said...

I am glad that the Fairy Godjelly got her Mojo back! Thanks for the comment left on my blog!

Tip Top said...

Wow!!! You are a very lucky girly!!

JuliaB said...

Ahh .. a happy ending. x