24 November 2008

Art On My Parts

As I get older and saggier, I am of a mind to have a tattoo.
I have even started watching Miami Ink.
I wouldn't have anything that other people could see.
I don't want anything on display.
So that leaves either my bum, boobs or belly.
No point having it on my bum because I'd never be able to see it.
Boobs is just too .... painful sounding.
Which leaves my belly.
I have quite a large area as a blank canvas.
It's also quite numb from the over-stretching it endured
(boy*jelly was a big baby!)
So what shall I have?
I did consider having a mole popping it's head out from a hole it had dug.
Then when people complain about having freckles and moles, I could tell them that I'm covered in moles, and tell them I have a huge one on my tummy ... then flash them my mole-tatt.
But I think I would like something pretty and flowery that would make me smile when I saw it in the bath.
Any ideas?


April said...

I bought myself a tattoo as my 30th birthday present. I have a small black (ie not coloured in) butterfly on my left thigh so it is covered up unless I go swimming

Go for it - if you can manage child birth you can handle a tattoo!

April xx

momof2gr8kids said...

OUCH.. I say you get a jelly bean.. or two on your behind... :) you make me giggle insanly

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh yeah. Some jelly beans or a wobbly jelly on your belly. hahaha!!
Seriously, that lotus blossom (or whatever the last one is) is really pretty. You're a brave woman for considering it. I'm such a wuss when it comes to pain (despite childbirth).
My OH has been emailed a picture of a monkey tattoo but it rather too risque for Blogdom. And way too painful to have done to you.

nimblejacks said...

small patchwork heart like the piccy on the right on your blog? Thanks for stopping by mine, loved that pug yoga ha ha. Feelping crap have got a big lymph node up in my neck. Love your blog, it's always nice to find a new one Clairex

Alex Mason said...

I love the first flower one...i would love a tattoo but i'm such a baby xx

prettyshabby said...

I've got an orange tiger lily on my shoulder, but several years later and several stone heavier, I'm really self-conscious of it, I love seeing them on other people though..I always admired Paula Yates as a kid and she had a beautiful Japanese fish on her arm.Did you see the man on tv with a plate of breakfast on the top of his bald head...now why would you do such a thing?..bacon and eggs,beans the works!I think you should have a pair of eyes tattoed onto the back of your head, just to freak out the kids when you say 'I know what your doing ..I have eyes in the back of my head y'know...see?' (like ALL mothers say)
My mum used to be a nurse and she told me about this bloke who had a fox hunt on his back with the foxes tale dissappearing into his butt,he also had a womens pair of legs stretched open either side of his belly button..I'll leave the rest of that one to your imagination!! nice.

ps thanks for your message..I must add that my parts are quite clean.. lol!

Taz said...

I'll warn you now before you start it can get addictive. I currently have 6 and am already plotting my next two :/

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I once stumbled across a the site of http://www.anilgupta.com/ and his tatooing is amazing the artistry is unbelievable....
I think you are very brave, my friend had a little pig tattooed on her behind, unfortunatley the little piggy has cellulite now!


katie said...

don't do round your belly button if you plan to have more kids - a sweet little garland of rosebuds looks horrible at 9 months - trust me - I am a midwife and have seen it all --- oh yes! (including the name of a bloke tattooed inside the thigh that was not the name of the birth partner - or the name of the father of the baby - work it out)You couldn't make it up

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

I have wanted to do this for years but am such a scaredy cat I havent done it yet!! I wanted either a small heart or a small daisy (or other similar little flower) on the back of my hip - you have stirred up my interest again now!
do let us know what you decide :-)

Pixiedust said...

I'd like one, but I'm too fat at the moment. I like the flower fairy tat. xxx

Esther said...

I've thought about getting one for years just never come up with something I thought I'd still want at 60 though the longer I leave it the less time that is.

Deanne said...

I am a huge miami ink fan :)
I love tattoos, and I have to say that I adore the last one :)

also i have something on my blog for you xx

Taz said...

Pink Feather Paradise I'm not long back from NY and after seeing that website I'm gutted I didn't know about Anil before. Ah well I guess I'll just have to go back to NY again then :)

Happy said...

Great minds think alike...I like you, want a tattoo but can't think where, you want to be brave to show it off...but what if you do not like it when it is done! I blogged about a tattoo i had on holiday here :-


its lovely and i would really like it sat on my finger...but what if i get fed up with it...as i like change!...I think ill stick with the temporary tattoos for the moment....soon we'll be the 'different' chicks as we will be stared at for NOT having one!!!

loving your blog

Love H x