9 November 2008

Me. At Work

So whilst everybody else was out braving the elements to watch fireworks last night, this is what I got up to...
. Would you buy from this woman?!
My fabric cupcakes were much-admired, but sadly not purchased...
I think maybe it was slightly too (a) early, and (b) wet for people to be thinking about buying gifts for Christmas.
That said, I did chat to some lovely people and gave away lots of cards!


MelMel said...

Wonderful Picture,
So pink and pretty!

Very nice to meet you, the make book is good fun, lovely pictures, about the right make level for me.....LOL

Thank you for popping by!
I've added myself as a follower i hope that ok?

Rubyred said...

Ah, you really look the business there. Can't believe you didn't sell any of those scrummy cupcakes tho'.

Jackie said...

Erm..you did say everyone else was out enjoying fireworks....
Maybe it was a bad night.Next time will be better.

Sal said...

Shame about the cupcakes but you look very pretty standing there amongst your wares! ;-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your stall looks lovely!! Hopefully some of teh cards you gave away will generate some more orders.

krafty girl said...

i just found your blog and looked at your website,very pretty wares.
hope your well

Kitty said...

Your table looked lovely! I've done sales before where I haven't even recovered the table money - so I know what it's like! Better luck next time. x