9 December 2008

Tell All Tuesday

The question for today's Tell All Tuesday is :
When do you put your Christmas decorations up and how long do they stay up?
My answer
Well if I had my way they would go up on Christmas Eve and come down again on Boxing day!
We will be putting ours up on the weekend before Christmas and they will come down on New Year's Day.
The tree is always decorated with red and gold colours and last year boy*jelly put one blue bauble from his Grand-Parents' tree right in the middle of the tree. Every time I walked into the room this blue bauble would scream at me, torturing every creative nerve in my body - oh the horror!

So this year, I have decided to compromise and have bought boy*jelly his very own tree and gaudy decorations for his bedroom.
He decorated it yesterday afternoon and here it is, complete with day-glo tinsel:
. .
Excuse the poor quality of the photo, but I didn't want to use the flash so that you could see the colour of the decorations.
I think I coped quite well with allowing him to decorate his own tree ... even though every fibre of my being was screaming "you can't put a purple one next to a green one!" and "you've left a big gap there"
So, did you have me down as a baa-humbug?
(I have chosen this Donald Duck Scrooge image because I have a temperament very like Donald's!)
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momof2gr8kids said...

Emma.. I take mine down christmas night. ugh. by that time I am sick of the whole .. bunch of work!!

Vicky said...

When my son was still at school it was tradition to put the decs up on the last day of school. Now its usually a couple of days before crimbo (but always with the christmas cd on in the background). Must admit to being a bit of a "chuck the stuff on" person. Hubby on the other hand puts all the decs in size order on the tree!

Lace hearts said...

That did make me laugh - I think you are very good to have let him do his own thing.

Taz said...

I have to admit that my two have a Xmas tree each so then their are no arguements about anyone else's decoration techniques.

I'm a bit like you (if I had my own way) up on Xmas Eve and down on Boxing day but usually they go up a week or two (depending how long I can get away with it before the smalls start moaning) and they come down by the 5th.
Due to fire installation antics and sofa and chairs awaiting collection from freecycle bod the only tree we've had space to put up so far is wee one's which lives on the landing. And yes I've been good and not rearranged the tinsel that is only on the top of the tree :D

Deanne said...

i love your idea of a tree for the boys, so i may just go out and surprise Jack with one tonight :)

My tree story is up on my blog :)
Great question Emma.

JuliaB said...

hehe! i'm glad i'm not the only tree/decoration humbug. If I get my way, we have none! bah humbug!! xx

trisha too said...

Oh, you would never make it in our house.

One year, we had FIVE trees.

The tree usually goes up the day before Thanksgiving (late November), and decorate the day of.

One year, we left the big tree up until after February, after it had served as a Valentine tree.

You must be a South Pole elf . . .