10 December 2008

And I Don't Like The Smell Of Feet Either!

For those of you not familiar with UK snack products, these are a brand of crisps (chips) and I shall refer to them as Q's.
They taste and smell of cheese and boy*jelly has decided he doesn't like them.
Last weekend he went to a birthday party.

It was a "Sports" birthday party held in our local sports centre.

The birthday party was held in the big sports hall and the kids played football.(Not being a frequent visitor to a sports centre, I believe the hall is where some people go to do up-and-down-jumping-type things and get sweaty?)

Call it genetics, but boy*jelly is not motivated by anything athletic and decided to watch from the sidelines.

When the birthday boy's dad asked boy*jelly if everything was ok, apparantely he was told:

"I don't much like the smell of this place.

It smells of Q's and I don't like Q's".

I can't think where he gets it from?!


Esther said...

Grin, know what you mean. It's not that they smell of cheese they smell of gone off artificial cheese why anyone would think that is a nice smell is beyond me.

Andrea said...

Dont you just LOVE Children, they simply say what they feel and think so innocently?!! Bless Him!!

Taz said...

I have a friend who dislikes the smell of Q's so much that I'm banned from eating them anywhere near her. Heheheee

Deanne said...

awesome i love kids and their phrases!!! lol :)