14 December 2008

Forget The Barkeeper, It's MY Friend Now....

It's that time of year again...
The time when I think to myself "Oh God, I can't possibly cook christmas dinner in that oven. It's filthy!"
The oven door was no longer see-through.
It was more of a sticky, brown, burnt-on gloop.
Raiding my *ahem* cleaning cupboard, I stumbled across this

Which I normally use to *ahem* clean the sink with.

It claims to remove tough household stains.
"Well you can't get much tougher than burnt-on oven grime" I thought and had a go.
Do you know what?
It simply wiped off.
Simple as that - easy as pie.
And now for the first time in history, I am proud to show off my CLEAN oven door.


I just wish I could improve my cooking as easily!
EDIT : I bought mine from my supermarket. Happy cleaning!
Disclaimer : for those of you worried I am using harmful chemicals and killing the planet - rest assured it only happens once a year.


Josie said...

wow! your oven looks great! the sticky brown burnt on gloop is my oven at the moment, where can I buy the bar keepers friend from? supermarkets?
Josie x

Cass said...

Wow where do I get that Barkeepers Friend from my oven door definitely needs it

Tip Top said...

Heheheh! Ours was that bad we bought a new oven!! Mind you it was making a funny noise too and the door was a bit wonky...!!

Esther said...

looks good.. we use astonish for almost everything and probably clean the oven about as often, though i think the self cleaning thing has been run a couple of times which partly works.

MelMel said...

wow lovely n clean.....unlike mine*blush* must do that soon....however i'm not cooking mickmas dinner, so may let it wait till new yr!LOL..x

liz said...

I wonder if you can get that in New Zealand, because my oven door is seriously baaaaad!!!! The whole oven needs doing but at least if the oven door is clean it might look like the whole oven is too!!!!

Vicky said...

I think Lakeland sell that product. xx

Anonymous said...

My Mum paid for a guy to come clean the oven and I swear it's that clean you could actually eat your dinner off the bottom of the oven! lol

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Fabulous, I am feeling a little ashamed now so I think I had better add it to my online shop, I have no car at the moment, it is hoever a fabulous excuse to not be running around like a headless chicken!

Taz said...

Did it just work on the door or the whole oven? Enquiring minds and filthy ovens need to know :D

Leah said...

Note to self: "Look in the cleaning section when next go shopping"