18 December 2008

Memories Of Being Small

Next month I have the last birthday in my life that has a "3" at the start of it.
Yes, from 2010 onwards my birthdays for the next ten years will begin with a 4.
As boy*jelly gets older I find myself thinking more and more about when I was his age.
These are just a few things I remember from my childhood ...
Wagon Wheels were the size of your face ...
. .
My parents (or rather, my Dad) would buy a Watneys Party Seven to take to a party of a Saturday night ... Apparantely these are collector's items now!

There used to be a shop called "Athena" that sold posters and I always maintained it was a "rude" shop because they sold this cheeky picture poster in there ...

We used to have a white plastic square table with a round hole in it. When you lifted the lid there was storage space that we used to keep junk in. This is also probably a collector's item now!
This is me stood next to the table on the day I started school. Notice the Mucha Lady poster on the wall behind me ...
. .
... it was this one which just takes me right back to being little and having that photo taken.

I can remember when calculators first appeared in shops! I was so in awe of technology I can remember asking my dad if he thought we would ever own a video recorder one day!! I think we had this actual model of calculator - it looks familiar.

I remember watching Lassie on the telly. I would always cry - even when it was a happy bit and my mum would ask why I was so upset. "He's got a sad face" I would wail!

There was always a cartoon on just before the boring six o'clock news started. (No 24 hour cartoon channels back then!)
I used to particularly like :
Ivor The Engine (psssh-te-koo)And the zany Willo The Wisp with the Moog and Evil Edna.

These are just a few of my memories - I shall save more for another blog post.


April said...

Oh some lovely childhood memories there Emma, some of them are mine too!

April xx

bekimarie said...

I'm so glad i'm not the only one hitting the big 40 in 2010.
Such wonderful memories, but musn't forget about Little house on the Prarie, that was another one that always made me cry xxx

momof2gr8kids said...

me too I will be 40 in 2010. it makes me sick.. ugh. I think all next year.. Ishall waste away curled up ...eating chocolate.. instead of a diet.

Taz said...

Yep I'll be hitting the 4's in 2010 too. Loving your memories (apart from the table you could be living in my head!)

Seem to me we should be having a blogger party in 2010 to celebrate the world having us all in it for cough cough years ;)

Indigo Blue said...

Well ladies, yours turely will be 40 on December 2009! Not long to panic over it is there. it only seems like yesterday I was worried about turning 30. Loved Willo the wisp too, and Ivor the engine, the clangers, Bag puss. Also Camberwick Green and Trumpton which I would love to get a copy of for Sophie to see. The Wombles is one of my all time favs though.

Esther said...

I am 40 this coming year! love Eva Edna.

Leah said...

I'm already a couple of years ahead of you all (I "turned" in 2007).

I LOVE Ivor and (blush) have a book and a DVD. I also have a couple of toy clangers!!

And at school all I knew was logarithm tables until the year I took my O'Levels

claire said...

ooh fangs for the memories :) I loved Bod and The Flumps (duh duh - duh duh - duh duh, duh ,duh!!!) I used to chuck sickies from school for them!! I have a few more years before I get a 4 in front...but my husband to be gets to join the club next year!!