23 December 2008


Okay. I admit it. I couldn't stay away from blogging!
My vision of having a romantic Christmas Message on my blog over the festivities has gone to pot...
I had a smiley moment last night as I silently watched boy*jelly from his bedroom door sitting at the desk that used to be mine, scribbling away at his latest masterpiece.

This time it was his Rules.
Translation :
Do not bring pets on aeroplanes
Do not skate-board down hills
Do not get too close to an oven unless you are a grown up
Do not make traps
I particularly like the advice about not making traps.
I shall have to try and remember...


Tip Top said...

These are fantastic (along with the spelling!) You must get him to write a book and do the illustrations - I'd buy a copy!!

April said...

what fabulous rules!

April xx

Little Bead said...

Aaw what a cutie pie, I love those rules. Happy Christmas to you all

momof2gr8kids said...

merry christmas! love!! much happy times for the new year.