18 January 2009

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

There is only so much of the Playhouse Disney channel I can take.
I'm fed up with hearing about Winnie The Pooh and his scooter adventures
(yes, I did use the words "Winnie The Pooh" and "Scooter" in the same sentence)

I really don't like Handy Manny and his stupid tools any more.

And as for Johnny and The Sprites
(or "sprouts" as boy*jelly thinks they're called)

So after much heated discussion
(which basically went along the lines of "aaaahhhh, no more"!)
we alighted on the subject as to what I used to watch when I was six. M
My absolute favourite was Mary Mungo and Midge.

(click the picture to watch an episode)

I had a look on t'internet and found a couple of episodes for him to watch.
He was transfixed.
He sat and watched 2 full episodes in one sitting.
I had no idea until I watched it again just how "Ladybird Books" it was in style.
I showed him Bod ...
(whilst of course making the obligitary "boop, boop, be, dooop, doop, doop, be, doop, doop" noises to the theme tune)

(click the picture to watch an episode)
I did try him on FingerBobs, but he wasn't keen.

(click the picture to watch an episode)
And he's now currently on his sixth viewing of the film Mary Poppins.

(I have tried to explain to him that Dick Van Dyke does the worst British accent ever, closely followed by Adam from Mythbusters, but he's not bothered).

I'm sure Winnie, Tigger, Handy Manny and The Imagination Movers will be back in favour soon, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying experiencing the innocence of my youth all over again.



Buffy said...

Why does Finger mouse look so wrong now? lol

And do you remember mini pops? now that in hindsight is so very wrong! lol

We were so much easier to please then, kids now have so much variety on offer!

I popped over to Give you this, after the pains I have suffered from laughing so hard at your Julie post, you were the first person to come to mind!

Fabulous Blog

~Buffy x x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have to admit I do not miss Sky tv at all!

I did enjoy Kim possible though, Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat were funny especially when the blue bad guy could never remember his name!

I love all the old kids films, my two have recently seen Chitty Chitty bang bang.... Daniel pronounciation is not the best but as long as he says it among friends we'll be fine!

x Alex

claire said...

How much make - up is johnny with his sprites wearing!!!
We are still on cbeebies here - or pingu on dvd (which I love!!)
Buffys reminder of mini pops has just disturbed me greatly!! Very very wrong!!

bekimarie said...

You can't beat the good old programmes.
Some of the stuff on tv now makes me cringe and want to scream. I am however a big fan of Charlie and Lola.
Big hugs
Beki xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh a trip down memory lane :-) our current film of choice is actually Mary Poppins and my two LOVE it ! but it took much cajoling to get them to sit and watch it the first time!!! we bought a mary poppins doll today from Disney store and I think im more excited about it than daughter Mia !!! right - im off to watch Bod!!!
Lesley x

Indigo Blue said...

I completely agree!! We have Mary Poppins on DVD, we were talking about BOD at work on Friday, I am on a crusade to find old programmes on DVD etc/ I have already got bagpuss and the wombles. I also do not like the way they take model or puppet type programmes and turn them into cartoons, like the lovely Paddington! So there, and Sophie likes the 'old' programmes more than the new.

Katy said...

oh, finger mouse. I miss him.

Swirlyarts said...

Try searching for Jamie and His Magic Torch and The Muppets on You Tube. Memories!! The girls like it too :)

Kitty said...

Bod! Haven't seen him for years. I used to love Trumpton and Camberwick Green - showing my age now! I have some old videos with them on - my kids loved them too. x

Solorn said...

Heres a bit of useless information for you. When the final Fingerbobs was filmed, the guy who worked the puppets DROWNED the mouse in a cup of coffee! He hated doing the pro gramme so much he thought it was a fitting end.

Probably shouldn't tell the nipper that...

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Yay! We should DEFINITELY inflict our childhood TV on our kids. Evie always had old Disney videos (remember them?) when she was wee but I wasn't so internet savvy then to go searching for other stuff.
My sis has done a great job with my nephews. They've done 'The Herbs', the original Mr Men and 'The Flumps', to name but a few.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Yes, those kid's shows annoy me as well. I did love to watch Max & Ruby, Arthur & Charlie & Lola with my girls though.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Evening Emma, I have emailed you but a huge thankyou again for the lovely amount of material!!
I'm wishing I was 5 again, thanks for reminding me of the shows I'd forgotten about!!
Bod, Mr Ben, Rupert the Bear, The Flumps to name a few were my faves!
I've just been on Cherry Menloves forum talking about Enid blyton books, what a lovely trip back in time!! Claire xx

julietk said...

: ) my husband an I were showing our son all the old children's TV shows on you tube the other day I think we enjoyed it more than he did :D
I enjoyed your blog, Juliet

Tine said...

I don't min winnie the pooh and his scooter :) But then, we don't watch it that much... The favourite here that drove me NUTS was Dora. Luckily we are rid of her for a while. Lol!
Maybe I will show my daugther Mary Poppins......how old should you be to watch that?? I can't remember..

marie*jolie said...

I left a little treat for you over at my blog. Come by and see...

prettyshabby said...

God fingerbobs was weird,how bored is that man.. and a finger-shrimp for goodness sake? My personal favourites were Mr Ben and Tales of the river bank..terrified animals in small boats. Being the owner of stinky teenage boys I dread to think what childrens tv is like now..although we did catch the all new adventures of Postman Pat in his souped up van the other day..my two thought it was hilarious.
Hope you dont ache too much after the elastic band/pilates incident..

Marie said...

LOL @ Bod. He was cool.

You should check out Nick Jnr after the kids have gone to bed - tonnes of good oldies on there.

I have the Imagination Movers theme in my head now though. Thanks for that ;P


April said...

I can't bear the new winnie the pooh! I used to love Bod though - but my favourite was Bagpuss!

April xx

Lesley said...

This post brought back memories of the shows my kids used to watch. My kids are now 18 and 23.


Taz said...

Oh for sure they really don't make they like they use to.

Just a couple more suggestions...

Mr Ben
Willo the wisp

oh I could go on and on :)

Tiff said...

Handy Manny has to be watched every waking moment over here! It's driving me crazy. my husband was caught singing the theme song at work. LOL!

Jo said...

I used to watch finger mouse and bod too, my faves from when I was little (who am I kidding, i'm only 5'2" now!) well anyway, from when I was a child lol... the clangers, barnaby the bear and pipkins.
oh and I loved to watch the flumps, my kids bought me the dvd a few years back and I made them all wave bye bye to Pootle at the end of each episode lol (as ya do)

would you believe me if I told you that I have NEVER seen Mary Poppins? tis true, I've never seen Sound of Music either.