3 January 2009

Boudoir Love

I haven't been just sitting on my behind eating chocolates over the Christmas period ... oh no!
I have been turning my bedroom into a vision of gorgeous-ness.
This was how it looked before I started :
(I've no idea why I decorated it in green as green is my least favourite colour!)
Let me give you the guided tour of the transformation...
(click any of the photos to see more detail)
This is the view as you walk in the door ...
I think the bed needs a big head-board so I shall be on the look out for a second hand one that I can strip and paint.
The curtains were 2 lots of curtains (in the sale at Dunelm) which I had made into curtains to fit. They have been lined with wadding so they are lovely and thick and keep the sun out in the morning.
The pictures on the wall are from my favourite childhood book "Ginger's Adventures" (Don't panic, I didn't chop up my copy ... read here for more info)
I love them - especially the one in the middle - and they are on the back wall that I covered with pink polka dot wallpaper from Laura Ashley

The chest of drawers were pine ones we've had for years and years which I sanded and painted in white satinwood (they are the drawers to the right of the bed in the "before" picture).

The top dresser part was a bargain find at a boot-sale last summer. I snapped it up for £5.00! The chap selling it was going through a divorce ... she took the drawers, he had the top part! Again, I sanded it down and painted it to match the drawers and added some of my decoupaged wooden hearts to the top.
. I have given the knobs on the drawers a special twist ... I have decoupaged them using Cath Kidston napkins (want to try it for yourself? look at my tutorial here).
The large teddy-bear to the left of the dresser is Justin (so called because he only Just fits In the bed) He was my mum's bear, and now he's mine. He is sitting on a fab little chair I bought in a charity shop last year - again for £5.00.

The skirt hanging on the wall is this one that I still can't fit into but I just love the colours.
The oval mirror was another car-boot bargain - £3.00 two summers ago.
You may recognise the lampshade - it's from the Cath Kidston outlet shop and cost £10.00

I love the way the room has turned out and I love the fact that I have space to put any trinkets I find in the future!

So now of course the rest of the house needs tidying from where I've just dumped things ... one more day to get things tidy and then it's back to the sewing machine.


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Your bedroom is beautiful!!

April said...

Beautiful bedroom - wish mine was that tidy!

April xx

Indigo Blue said...

Oh Emma, that mini dresser is EXACTLY what I have been looking for to go by my kitchen door!! Right just need to find a devorcee and a carboot sale. This all works perfectly it did not seem to take long. What is next?

Vanessa said...

Looking great - I would love a pink bedroom - mine is still a very bright yellow from the little girl who lived here before us !
Good inspiration and motivation - which is needed here !!

bekimarie said...

Bedroom looks lovely, really pretty and girly.
I was meant to be doing mine today but went out instead. You have given me the incentive to get on and do it tomorrow now, thank you.
Take care
Beki xxx

Andrea said...

I too am doing a re-vamp of my Bedroom!! Must be something in the water!! Well done you for all your hard work! Looks great x

Jayne said...

I love the bedroom. It's a gorgeous shade of pink. What I would call marshmallow or candy floss pink. Very relaxing. Sweet dreams!

twiggypeasticks said...

Looks lovely, now will you come and sort out my bedroom please:)
Twiggy x

Kitty said...

Wow! You did good! It looks great. x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

wow you have been busy ! love the dresser!! my diy efforts look tiny compared to your bedroom re vamp but very inspiring!
Lesley x

Tip Top said...

How lovely! Perfect backdrop for styling photos! Dare not show my house - its terrible!!!

marie*jolie said...

That is gorgeous!!! I want to move right in. All of those sweet details and trinkets... it's just lovely. I live in a house full of guys (one hubby and three sons) and it's all I can do to sneak in a small girly thing here and there. They see something pink and everyone goes into seizures! Hee hee. Your room is fabulous. Maybe now you can sit on your behind and eat chocolate?

prettyshabby said...

ooh preeety!..cath k,polka dots and gingers adventures (I so love that book) it's all just scrummy.
I've been reading your last few posts ..I adore Toby's list! I just love it when kids write phonetically, so sweet! 'do not make traps' !!

saraeden said...

Ooooh it looks lovely we have wallpaper hanging of the walls in ours as i am busy stripping ... the walls that is ;0)

Sara x

Jo said...

looks FABULOUS Emma! ;)
I do love that laura ashley paper - it's yummy!