22 January 2009

I Spy ... 10 Minutes' Peace!

I don't know how many of you remember this book from the eighties?
(yes, I know some of you were born in the eighties - sigh)

Each page represented a different letter from the alphabet and your task was to find as many objects beginning with the letter in each piece of art.

(Click any of the pictures to see larger images)

I can remember spending hours gazing at each drawing and ticking things off as I found them.

Then when I was having a search on Amazon for books for Christmas for boy*jelly, I came across the "I Spy" books by Scholastic.

Each page is beautifully photographed, and they use a huge variety of knick-knacks and trinkets.

boy*jelly spends ages totally absorbed with finding the different objects that the book tells you to find on each page.

If you have children that can read but don't necessarily enjoy reading to themselves, I thoroughly recommend these books for them.
There's quite a collection of them listed on Amazon - all I would say is the paperback versions are aimed at younger children and the hardbook ones are for older children.
(NB - my photos are scans of one-half of a page, so don't go trying to find the things - they may not be on that side of the page!)


MaryPoppins said...

Thanks for sharing Emma, I love the alphabet book, how gorgeous :)

And the I spy, well done on finding some brilliant books.

We quite like Where's Wally here, though Miss. P can find him way before any of us adults :)



claire said...

My 11 year old loves this kind of book - he has attention 'issues' and I believe these help him too.
The big boys also have a computer game that is a looky findy type - can't remember its name so will check with them when they get in...
I think I'll have a look on Amazon for something like the bottom pic you have posted - bit simpler for the littles.
(oh and I remember Ultimate Alphabet!!!)

Sal said...

Ah yes I have that alphabet book here... somewhere! You just reminded me ;-)

Buffy said...

Oh I love those I spy books! I don't remember The alphabet one but I so loved the Kit Williams masquerade books, you had to solve the books and the treasure was real you could work out through the book where to dig up the treasure.

Do you remember those? you must google it, the art in those are fantastic.

And on the same theme I bought my son the find it game, I highly recommend it the kids and adults :) get hours of entertainment out of it! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tobar-Find-It-Classic/dp/B0012IPWHK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=toys&qid=1232622904&sr=8-1

What a bright post to brighten the day! :)

~Buffy x x

Tiff said...

My daughter loves the I Spy computer game. But we love the books too!

Esther said...

I remember the alphabet book and the new ones look really good too. Dominic like reading but is still at the it's quite hard work stage so things like this are good too and where's wally is a bit to difficult for him still.