29 January 2009

Microscopic Me

One of the christmas presents my dad's family bought for me (I mean boy*jelly) was a digital microscope.
You plug it into your computer and then think of things you want to look at microscopically.
So in the name of science, (and because I've shared pretty much everything about me), I give you:
(Click any picture to see it bigger - if you really want to!)
My scalp:
. Look! I have two hairs growing out of one follicle!
My eyelashes:
.A bit blurry because I couldn't keep my eye still long enough for the screen-grab.
Look how much my eye is watering!
One of my fingernails:

I promise my hands are clean!
This is the corner of one of my fingernails.
I don't bite my nails - do you?
My skin:
This is on my forehead.
Lest you all think I'm a liver-spot, blackhead ridden person, those "spots" are sebacious glands - where you secrete oil from.
My tongue:

Those are taste buds.

And a buzzing gnat thing which just happened to die in front of me *ahem*
It's so brilliant!
I (I mean boy*jelly) can't wait until the summer when there are flowers and insects to look at.
Can you think of anything else I can put under there?
Leave a comment but keep it clean!
I'm (I mean boy*jelly) not sticking the microscope anywhere ikky.


Buffy said...

Oh wow! that is very cool!
I would spend hours if I had one, just looking at random things.

I bet you can get some inspirational ideas!

~Buffy x x

Kitty said...

Ooooh, I want one! x

Jo said...

My son would love one of those!

you could take lots of pics and make a party game using them, kids would love that, bit different to pass the parcel too, you know things like a cheese grater, toothbrush, or even a cats nostril lol

LissyLou said...

freaky!! i remember looking through them at school, we all found that looking at abit of skin (of your foot or something) was fasinating. x

claire said...

ooh I likey lots :)
Guess what one of my boys will be having on his next birthday he he!!!

Anonymous said...

I would look at fabric and yarn and anything else I could find! How totally cool is that!! DH has a tie that is a print that says its tequila as seen through a microscope...just an idea!

momof2gr8kids said...

wow that looks like FUN!

random moments said...

Ohmygod! I was torn between shrieking Cool! And Ewww! Hahaha. I'm so not clever this morning but I do like the toothbrush idea posted above. (Though I'm terrified to see what you may find lurking in our brushes!)

busy lizzie said...

That is so grossly cool!! My kids would love it. (So would I, and we would all end up fighting over it) I would try the carpet, which would probably frighten the life out of me!

Esther said...

Oh I NEED one.. umm I mean I'd quite like one of those it would be educational for the boys.. :) Don't suppose you know where it came from do you?

Anonymous said...

Good fun! I'd be checking out lots of different pieces of fabric.

Taz said...

Oh wow I SO want one of those. I vote you zoom in on a piece of cheese maybe then it'll help my waistline and I'll stop eating so much of it :D

Deanne said...

omg thats brilliant - and kinda freaky too! lol

clare said...

Exactly what Busy Lizzie grossly cool .
clares craftroom

prettyshabby said...

eww ewww EWWWW. how cool..try some house dust..I can send you plenty if you havent any!
ps happy birthday for the other day..I always have to catch up with so many posts whenI visit you and theyre all fab..who in their right mind wears paech swimming trunks? hilarious do you think he did it for a laugh? I'd have a swimsuit with the print of a really gorgeous naked lady's torso on..you know, like those aprons..that would turn a few heads or even a man's torso how freaky would that be from a distance.. lol!

prettyshabby said...

oops I meant PEACH (but you knew that anyway)

lesley said...

Oh wow! How fabulous! Its amazing what we can't see with the naked eye. What a great present. You don't think chocolate would look so gross it would make me give it up? xx

Jackie said...

I'm torn between fascination and nuasea. But I want one.
I can think of any number of things to put under it...

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

That's gross!
Sorry hun. Love you really and I can imagine what fun they are. But I could have survived without the close-up of your tongue :o)