20 January 2009

Choppy Waters

Okay, so I went swimming last night.
(well I did shave my legs on Sunday and it seemed a shame to waste them)
Whilst the swimming itself was fine, I've never touched so much human flesh before.
It was like swimming in human soup.
There were 3 lanes - fast, medium, and down-right pathetic.
In my opinion they should have more lanes.
One lane for proficient swimmers in goggles and swimming-caps.
One lane for people who can swim well but like to stop after every couple of lengths.
One lane for people who don't like to get their hair wet so swim with their chins out of the water pulling a gurning face.
One lane for people who do two lengths and then sit and talk to their friend hogging up the end bit where people want to turn.
(And men in peach coloured swimming trunks should just stay in the changing room because I nearly drowned thinking he was naked.)
Still, it wasn't as bad as this pool in Tokyo:



clare said...

Thankyou. I have laughed so much I must leave the computer NOW .
Clares Craftroom

thriftymrs said...

I am crying laughing. Just sent that vid link to everyone at work and the whole office is cracking up.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

LOL, wow that is a very busy swimming pool!! Love your quote about men in peach swimming trunks lol! Your so right! Hmm sounds like you had fun!! Claire xx

Marie said...

ROFL @ the Tokyo pool. I had to watch that twice, it made me laugh so much. Kind of creepy that the water looks orange because of so many people.

And LOL @ the peach trunks too - why would anyone do that???


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well done you for braving the water, If I sat on the edge of a pool greenpeace would turn up and roll me back into the water!!!!lol

That pool was hilarious! and put several thoughts in my head!
Sensible: How could that be safe?
Enquiring: are they practising for impending tsunami's?
Funside: OMG, I have to watch that again! lol

Mind you the dancing in the station was fantastic! I think I will watch that one too!


busy lizzie said...

Oh my word! I'm thinking if some of them needed a rubber ring then maybe it was a good idea not to get in the first place!!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

That's just asking for trouble!! Was it a world record attempt?
You can't tell me that no-one got hurt that day..... but it did make me laugh... does that make me bag?

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Eeuw! Have they never heard of 'personal space'?! lol

Tiff said...

LOL that is just wrong. You can't even see the water. What fun is that? I laughed so hard about the man in the peach bathing suit. What man would be caught dead in that color anyways. .