12 January 2009

Shift Your Point Of View

Remember those fab sets created for TV shows like Thunderbirds and Thomas The Tank Engine?

Fascinated by Model Villages?


.Well now you can miniaturise your own photos with the help of this fab website

Here are a few of my own photographs that I've tilt shifted

(click to see larger images)
Recognise this one? It's the harbour at St Ives in Cornwall
Don't the boats look like little models?
This is a photo Mr Jelly took when we were on holiday in Majorca - he climbed a big hill and took this picture of the view for me to see
.. .
Here's another picture taken in Majorca.

Look at the parasols on the right!
Another one in Majorca ... couldn't you just picture a big plastic dinosaur coming into view like in a Ray Harryhausen film?

.And this is my absolute favourite

.High Street in Castle Combe, which doesn't really need any help to look like a chocolate-box village but this could be a photo of a miniature village!

Some images work better than others, but it's great fun trying it out!

.With thanks to Nikki at WhiMSy love for giving me even more excuses to not do the housework!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

THey look very effective.... I love the dinosaur background, it looks like a bonsai tree....


Esther said...

Oh yes that is a great site thanks for reminding me about it again.

Andrea said...

Oh I LOVE that last piccie! I will have to go and give it a try when I have a few spare mins! x

Thistledew Farm said...

What a fun site - thanks for the post about it!

saraeden said...

Ooooh you got me wandering now !! Cannot wait to see your next post not that i didn't like this one i did ... oh now i am just rambling !!!

I bet people will wander what i am on about !!!

prettyshabby said...

I love doing this! my garden looked like a britains miniture one..I seriously need to get out more though as my photos are seriously rubbish!
loved the parasol photo best...you could just imagine a big hand coming down to skwish the people.