28 October 2008

Tell All Tuesday

The question for today's Tell All Tuesday is :
What embarrasing things have your children said and to whom have they said them?
My answer
boy*jelly once said in a loud voice "that lady's very fat" (she was) and when I had a little part-time job, he told my manager that his teeth looked like Spongebob Squarepants (they did)
My friend's son once waited until he'd got to the school gates where all the mums were waiting before declaring in a loud sing-song voice
"my dad's got hairy nuts!"
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radavis said...

My three and a half year old (and his one year old brother) accompanied me many years ago to the doctors. I was newly pregnant and the doctor was doing an internal examination. Realising that my son had climbed the step and was watching with great interest, I asked "you ok there mate?" To which he replied "Big hole, Mum!" The doctor and I were in disbelief then hysterical with laughter!! Hope this one makes you laugh! I plan to wait until he is about to become a father before I repeat that one to him.
Anne in Australia

April said...

Hi! I'm playing - it's on my blog now!

April xx

JuliaB said...

Oh dear! Mine is just toooo embarrassing to publish! But i'm enjoying reading others ...

liz said...

My 7 year old daughter Anna loves to tell me Im pretty, and that I look 13! Deluded child! Recently at the doctors I had a breast check prior to a mamogram. The kids were all "ooooh yuck" as our doctor checked everything out. I was mildly embarrassed that they made such a fuss, but not quite as embarrassed as when after explaining that the doctor is just checking that I'm healthy, Anna pipes up with "Yeah and he was probably just checking you were pretty too!" Talk about your awkward silence!

Colourart said...

My son was about 3 at the time and into his Mr Men books. We were walking on the beach and a very large lady in a small bikini was coming towards us. In a very loud, clear voice, my son came out with "you're not supposed to eat the fridge as well, you know" quoted straight out of one of his Mr Men books.

granny*jelly said...

It's not just what kids say - some of the little tykes write it as well. I remember one parents' evening at primary school - feeling proud because Emma's dairy had been chosen for display until I read it - " We visited my uncle Nick at the weekend. He is rude. He says BUM"


Hi would love to paticipate in Tuesdays Q but Im not a mom yet, we may have to wait a little longer for my reply tehe.