8 October 2008

Money For Cake

Once a fortnight boy*jelly's school have a cake-sale to raise funds for books and equipment.
Every fortnight, I forget to give him a 20p to buy a cake so usually end up sponging (pun very much intended) from one of the other mums.
So I made him his very own purse and put three 20p pieces in there to last for 3 cake sales.

He bought 3 cakes at one sale.
Ho Hum ... I can't really complain, because I would have done exactly the same!


summerfete said...

Aaah soo cute!!
Where do you get all your lovely fabrics and ribbons?


love the pun!!

April said...

Wow, that's lovely - where did you get that ribbon?

April xx

Katy said...

Well, you would, wouldn't you? 3 cakes are far better than 1!

Tip Top said...

Clever boy!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

The boys got sense, you can't argue there!
Credit crunch?
naaaa...Cakes to munch!

I really must start looking for decorative ribbons, that purse is lovely!

Cheers Alex

Indigo Blue said...

That is really cute. My daughter also has cale sales at her school. Which makes me wonder why they monaed when I sent her in with flavoured water and she was told that it was not healthy? Hay ho!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

That is funny - love the zippered pouch - the cupcake ribbon is perfect!