18 October 2008

Somewhere To Stick Her Pins

boy*jelly picked out a name for the blog giveaway, and the winner of the pink
pin-cushion is:
I couldn't be happier because Amanda and the handsome man o' hers have just found out they're having twins after a successful round of IVF!
I realise winning one of my pin-cushions isn't quite as exciting as that news, but it's the next best thing I'm sure!
Pop over to her blog and wish her hearty congratulations ... no, not about being pregnant ... about winning my pin-cushion of course!


Katy said...

oh, hoorah for the exciting pin cushion winning news (and the less exciting twin news, hehe) for Amanda!!!
Twins eh? She'll be needing those pins to poke herself with to keep awake in a few months ;)

Alex Mason said...

Hi Emma, I love the pin cushions you have been making!!
Alex xx

London Southern Belle said...

ahhh katy, you said it best! heheh

I am so excited! I am not normally one to win things so this may be a first :)

Amanda xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Congratulations Amanda on winning the pin cushion and expecting twins, all the best


momof2gr8kids said...

your sooo cute! and funny.. thanks again. for making me smile..

Josie said...

Hi, thanks for following my blog
Josie x



Just thought Id stop by, probably a bit cheeky of me but I have tagged you.

Think your blog is super cool!

Sam :)