2 October 2008

I'm So Jaunty!

Ages and ages ago I made this using my embroidery machine....

I purchased the applique alphabet pattern from this fantastic web-site.
They have a section where people can send pictures of what they've made using any of the site's designs.
I got featured!
And while I'm at it, this is the newest picture I was asked to do for a little boy called Max...

Both styles are available to buy from the JB*JB website, here


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Its wonderful to see your work published or produced isn't it.....i think I would of carried on designing wallpapers and furnishing fabrics if I had ever seen it produced, but most of my designs were sold in Europe.

I didn't realise that sewing machines were so clever....what a wonderful rocket, Daniel has rockets and spaceships in his bedroom, that would fit in perfectly...:-)

Cheers Alex

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Beautiful work!!
That is one thing I wish I had more patience to do and that is use my sewing machine,
I used to make all my own clothes as well as my oldest sons.
but now I get it out only when I have to. I admire people who do though its a real art!

Tip Top said...

These are beautiful!

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

How cute and how strange I have a Jack and a Max (although we call Jack, Jax) but still odd!

In Blog-land My Name is Lola.... said...

ummmmm, HI! Just dropping by to say, "Send me your ADDRESS"!! I have a bunch of lovelies to send to you....and no addy!!!!

Alison Boon said...

Both of those look fabulous. Clever you.