21 October 2008

"No. I Don't Mean Seven, Actually!"

This is boy*jelly's new pirate ship.

It sails the heaven seas.


Tine said...

It is awesome!! Whooooaa! I was sitting here thinking "if only Ask were older, he could have one of these...." But really, I want one!!!

granny*jelly said...

I think it would be pretty heavenly to sail the seven seas with Captain Jack Sparrow - and my grandson of course

Indigo Blue said...

I agree, I am quite taken with Captain Jack Sparrow! Just to let you know that I have added a picture to the swap pool. I would like to say thank you for organiseing a swap that really got my brain cells working and I shall not vanish into blog land just because it is all over, "I'll be back!" Take care

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!!! I can imagine he was so sure it is heaven and not seven!! We have the Pirates of the Carrabena too!!

Apple Valley said...

Definatley agree that it would be very heavenly to sail along with captain Jack Sparrow!!