23 October 2008

Hats Off For Hats

Now that autumn is definitely here, and with gale-force winds forecast (great!), it's time to start thinking about keeping your head warm.
Hand-knitted by my mum, (granny*jelly), they are all made from acrylic wool making them completely washable.
To see the fab selection of hand-knitted hats, visit the jellybelly*jellybrain website (here)
And what's more, you can have it knitted to your own measurements - perfect for babies, little-girls ... or big-girls like me!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I just spotted these on Flickr. They are brilliant!! You have sooooo many talents you craft goddess you! I'm going to call you Martha!!! lol

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Nooo - I can't claim credit for the hats ... my mum knits them!
I'm just off to change the post!

Rubyred said...

Well you have a very talented Mum, those hats are brilliant. Wish hats suited me but sadly they don't. :(

Sal said...

Well done to your mum,they are all lovely! ;-)

London Southern Belle said...

these are gorgeous!!

I received my pin cushion today! it is lovely!!!!!! :) :)

amanda xx