21 April 2008

Mad For Bags

With only 2 orders outstanding because I'm waiting for a delivery of some fabric, I decided to have an indulgent day today and make some products for fun (who shouted "housework" from the back?)
It was a real pleasure to rifle through my drawers of fabric mixing them together as well as playing with my buttons and ribbons stash.
In the end, these are the bags I made:

To see more photos, please click here.

Sue also finished some more hats over the weekend. Here they are being modelled by "Elspeth the Head", only they are slightly too big for her as she is just a slip of a girl, and these hats are made for adults! Still, it's easier to take a photograph of them on her than get a real-life model!

With warmer weather forecast for tomorrow and the rest of the week, I may continue in my self-indulgence and get out into the garden (again, who shouted "housework"?)

These are some of the blossom trees that are in Granny and Grandad's garden and every year they look beautiful for a couple of days before they get pelted by the April showers.


Now I'm just off to look up the word "housework" in the dictionary.......

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Hoola Tallulah said...

They are so lovely! Great choice of fabrics, and perfect for Spring!
Have linked you to my blog!