14 April 2009

A Letter To The Hungry Me

Dear future hungry me ...
You know how they say "inside every fat woman is a skinny woman trying to get out"?
Well this is your skinny person here.
I'm fed up with us only having one pair of jeans that fit us.
We have 4 gorgeous jackets hanging up in our wardrobe, not to mention all the skirts and blouses we own - and we never wear them any more!
I'm getting really bored of all those elasticated-waist, jogging bottom trouser things you insist on wearing round the house because they're "comfy".
I want to be able to bend over and not feel all your tummy bunching up.
So the next time you feel the urge to have a bowl of cereal at 3am, or have FOUR slices of toast for breakfast, or pinch the leftovers from boy*jelly's plate, I want you to stop and think about this:
1) Remember the other month when you went out with the girls and spent half an hour trying on outfits only to wrench them off and leave them in a heap on the floor because they made you look like you were smuggling a beach ball
(by the way, when are you going to pick all those clothes up?)
2) Remember the other week when we were a bit late for the start of the Disney Live Magic show and boy*jelly wanted us to run because he was worried we wouldn't get into the theatre? Remember how after a minute of running you thought you were going to throw up and had to stop.
3) Think about the ridiculous positions you have to get into just to be able to paint your toenails.
4) And how many times is it going to be funny to hold up a pair of your knickers only for Mr Jelly to say "are you going camping?" because they're the size of a family tent.
(I don't want to wear knickers that you can FOLD any more.)
5) I'm fed up with all the photos of us looking like this, because you're always in the middle of saying "don't take my picture, I look horrible today"
So fat lady, you've had many years of being the person Mr Jelly cuddles - now it's my turn.
For the past 5 years you've been telling everybody that "you'll be thin at forty" - well that's less than a year away.
You have one more week to stuff your face on easter eggs, burgers, chips and all the other stuff you say you enjoy and then we're off to join a slimming club, going swimming, buying a bike and we're going to start eating salad and fruit.
I'm fed up of looking like this :
And deleting images off the digital camera before they get seen by anybody else.
Because really, I know we can look like this :
Stick these photos on the fridge and get dieting!
Not so much love,
Your skinny inner-you.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

you are so much braver than me... I can't remember the last time I even allowed someone to take my picture... when my children look back on their childhood they will wonder where I was as there are no photo's....

I applaud you for sharing and making a stand for the inner you...

good luck and may your fruit bowl over runnith...

Hugs Alex

LoloDesigns said...

I'm with you on this one! Have 12 pairs of jeans but only 1 pair fit!! and as for the tops, well let's just say I do a lot of layering with smock shaped tops ;o)

It's getting warmer and lighter so perfect time for us girlies to sort ourselves out and get fit, here's to our inner selves. xx

Melanie said...

I read your post and it was like I was reading the exact same thoughts I have muttered angrily to myself so often. This is my year to drop 40 pounds. I want to be able to paint my toe nails the normal way too. I wish you the very best in your effort and I will be watching hehe. you go girl!

Greentwinsmummy said...

wow what a marvelous post :o)
& in case you didnt hear that
I am 40 next year,I have lost 30lbs since May last year,simply by smaller portions,exercise that I have found I adore~no one is more surprised at that than me lol! & by having a small bit of chocolate instead of a whole bar...

If I can do it,you can do it. I still have 15lbs to lose & sometimes it feels I am never going to do it then I think of how far I have come & I think yeeah girl you can do it,So can you!
I will be cheering you on from here ok!
lots of love
GTM x x x x x

Tatty Mum said...

it must be something in the air as this is just how I felt.
The biggest step I made was entering the race for life this has really changed me, I want to run not walk so I needed to do some training I go out running every day some time twice, there's always a bowl of fruit in the fidge now so I pick at that if I'm hungry.

You go girl we're all behide you we can all help each other with some encouragement. best of luck to you.

April said...

Hmmm, my comment seems to have vanished!!

Anyway, good for you girl! I'm about to do the same as I am going to be Matron of Honour for my Mum when she re-marries next year and don't want to look "matronly" in a size 16!

Hang in there, I'm with you in spirit

April xx

Marie said...

Go Emma! Dh and I have decided we're both on a health kick after Easter (well, I'm on one, he's back on one as he already lost 5 stone in 2 years but has started to put some back on).

Why is it the second we think we're on a diet we're automatically starving though? Hmmmm. Very annoying.

Good luck! I'm sure you can do it. If my DH can do it (he of the pie on a barmcake!) then anyone can.


Lori R said...

Well now you've done it! I hope skinny jellygirl will keep us posted on all her success! You are quite possibly the bravest person I know.

Josie said...

well done for showing your pics and deleting pics before anyone sees them, me too! I once stopped hubby taking a picture just cos I'm no longer a size 12 and his reply was,what if one day you're no longer here then I won't have any photo's of you,awww....as for painting toe-nails, not done mine for years!
Josie x

busy lizzie said...

Go for it! You will totally acheive what you want, because look at how amazing you are at your craft. You see it through to the finished product, so shedding a couple of kilos should be no problem for you!!! Well done and brave girl for putting it out there!! :)

The Stones said...

I think you should be incredibly proud of yourself.
Good luck and maybe in a few months...not so much of the jelly!!

Tillyboo said...

You Go Girl ! How brave are you ? I feel exactly the same as you. I am 46 later on this year and since having my Boo 5 years ago seem to be stuck in this bubble of blob.
I do have extremely high levels of the T3 thyroid hormone which 'apparantly' means the calories I consume don't get broken down. I've been walking miles each week with Archie and can you believe I'm heavier !
Come next week the thin girl within is going into battle with the blob bubble.
Good Luck, I'm with you x

Jackie said...

I did it for forty..you can.
(Now I'm trying to do it for 58)
Mind you, you are not exactly gross.

Josie-Mary said...

Great post, I agree with everything. I lost 2 1/2 stone for my 30th but then put back on 4
:(...so easy to put back on. Now with 2 years til my 40th I'm nearly back to my 30th weight. May be we should start a bloggers slimming club...LOL!!! It's simple eat less.... if only!!!! Good luck, you can do it :)

Lizzie @ Lizzie's Home said...

I am WITH YOU. 100%. You and I seem to have very similar body types - and I'm currently about 82kg, or 22kg beyond the figure that would land me in the middle of the 'healthy' range on the BMI scale (see, I'm not silly enough to think I'd get back to my pre-kids weight of 57kg, LOL). It's depressing and demeaning and affects a whole bunch of different areas of your life. I have these huge, huge hips and don't like wearing skirts because they look like a teepee!

I turn 30 in October and I'd love to have half the weight gone by then, ie, 11kg. Maybe you could host a Mr Linky here on Jellybelly*Jellybrain each week? I'd totally be in that...

Also, have you heard of www.shrinkingjeans.net? It's a site run by several folks wanting to lose weight and they have challenges. I tried starting the last one but stupidly forgot about Easter. That's like shooting oneself in the foot before you even begin...LOL.

Alex Mason said...

What a great post, Good luck!!

Kitty said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck. I too have decided that I need to do *something* about the thing that is apparently stuck to the front of my tummy. Where did it come from? I don't like the way it rests on my legs when I sit down - it's not a good look.

Have you got a Wii? If so, I recommend Wii Fit - it's fun, but exercise dressed up as fun.

May the force be with you! x

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Wow! I think I've hit a nerve with this post!

Pink Feather Paradise :
I'm never in any photos because I use the excuse that Mr Jelly is hopeless at taking pictures.

12 pairs of jeans?! Holy Mo! I don't think I have enough floor-space, I mean, drawer-space for 12 pairs! Make a nice bag out of some of them!

Good luck with your weight loss and here's to being able to paint toenails without having to sit on a stair so you can sit sideways and bend

Well now I really have no excuse if someone with twins can do it! Smaller portions you say? Hmmm. A new concept for me....

Tatty Mum:
Running twice a day?! I'm impressed. Although I suppose, technically I could run twice a day at the moment ... it would only take two minutes! Good luck with the race.

Perhaps I need to be invited to a wedding as an incentive. Everybody I know is married.
Perhaps that would explain why we all eat so much!

I haven't even started dieting yet and already I'm feeling hungry!
5 stone in 2 years?! Way to go Marie's hubby. Mr Jelly is one of those sickeningly annoying people who can eat anything in vast quantities and still fit into his size 30 jeans!

Yes, now I have indeed "done it". And I don't think publicly humiliating myself is "brave". I think the technical term is "stupid".

I'm relishing the day I can be photographed as a size 12!

Thanks for your vote of confidence! If only you knew how long some of my craft takes to get made from imagination to reality....

The Stones:
Hopefully no more jelly in the belly or brain department!

"Blob Bubble". Nice. I shall be with you in spirit!

"not exactly gross" Just what Mr Jelly says to me all the time ;o)

I think we should totally start a blogging slimming club. With prizes and stuff!

I looked at "shrinkingjeans.net" My jeans frequently shrink ... that's why I can't get in them!

Alex Mason:
Thanks :o)

I saw the advert with that skinny cow Louise Rednapp on for the Wii fit last night and I said to Mr Jelly, "Do you think that would be any good for me?" and he just *looked* at me.

He then pointed out that I always want the "quick-fix" way to something (er, yeah, duh?!) and if I wanted to get fit I should (and I quote) "just get out there and do something"

He said all this whilst laying in a horizontal position on the couch of course.

In his size 30 jeans.

And in case anyone is still reading this comment, my word verification is ....


Esther said...

I'm 40 this year to and would very much like to do something similar. At the very least i want to get rid of the baby tummy, while I am always heavy by most peoples scales before the boys my tummy was flat. Working on the allotment has improved my stamina and himself's stomach but if anything mine seems bigger currently !

silverpebble said...

Oof, I think you're fab for posting this. all good luck thoughts coming your way. I stopped walking the dog since having the tinies and I've definitely got much rounder. It was literally 10 mins walking a day. Not huffy puffy stuff, just a walk. I need to start again. Emma x

Greedy Nan said...

... but at least you put the photos on your blog ... I wouldn't even do that with mine ... it's REALLY so bad ... I am fed up with low-fat everything, nothing to wear and full-length mirrors ... and I do try to lose weight ... it leaps on but only crawls off.
My middle name is blancmange ...

Deanne said...

i'm so right there with you :) i hate my photos now and love my photos back then.
there really is no excuse as its me putting the bloody food in my mouth!
we've started a blog http://heffalump-express.blogspot.com and me and my friend are doing weekly weigh in's sort of following the slimming world diet that we both use to do
wish you all the luck, one big hug xxx

JuliaB said...

Oh dear Emma. I do find that with age, weight is definitely harder to shift than it used to be. I am the type who when I get stressed out (which used to happen alot) I lose my appetite and get unhealthily thin. This is not a good thing though and the converse is that the happier I am, the heavier I am!! I weigh the same now, as I did when I was 9 months pregnant 13 years ago!! You'll be fine though. Good luck!x

Brooke said...

welcome to the sisterhood! good luck!!