21 April 2009

Dot To Dot

One of my most successful creations to date has been boy*jelly.
I worked tirelessly for 9 months eating Haribo healthily to make sure I produced the most beautiful baby boy ever.
I also laid around getting fat read all of the preganancy books and moaned like buggery looked after myself.

All that doing nothing hard work paid off and I did indeed produce the most beautiful baby boy ever.

But in the space of 4 days, the varicella-zoster virus has undone all my hard work ...

.My beautiful baby boy!

He is absolutely fine in himself now, after having had the
"worst weekend of my life"
(his words, not mine)
but is mortified that later on today we're going to school to pick up some work for him to do at home
He thought it would be all about fun in the garden having the chicken pox!.


Greentwinsmummy said...

oh the poor wee thing has take away homework yuechh!! he deserves a special treat for that,tell him the Blog Faery commandeth his mama lol!
Glad hes on the mend,month on for M & she back to normal,E is struggling though,very weary & wobbly & now has conjuntivitus arhh.
ps what a lovely neat bump!anyhow its proven eating haribo gives you gorgeous children,mine like yours are proof :o)
GTM x x xx

Sal said...

Wow..doesn't he look like you?!!!
Hope he is better soon.
About 4 years ago I had shingles..and that is mighty horrible,I can tell you!

Esther said...

I keep expecting our youngest to go down with it as it's going round his nursery for the second time this year already. The current sign started with we have had one case of chicken pox, got scrubbed out and adjusted several times and now just has LOTS in place of the number ! His brother had it at one and hardly noticed so I'd quite like him to get it now rather than later.. It is much better for boys to get it young as if they get it as teens or older various glands swelling can be very painful I'm told !

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! Poor lad! I wanted a pair of dungarees when I was expecting but could not find any - so mightily green with envy!!

Wendy said...

Even with the pox he's adorable! Look at those eyelashes! Why do boys get the best lashes?