17 April 2009

A Pox On Our House

So it's the last day of the school holidays and boy*jelly has woken up with Chicken Pox!
Six years I've been waiting for him to get it and he gets it on the last day of the school holidays...!
Granny*Jelly-In-Law has been despatched to get Calamine lotion, I've cut all his finger-nails short and I'm scratching every single itch on my body in a paranoid manner (even though I had CP when I was young) ...
... is there anything else I need to know?


Blog Challenge :
I challenge you to not scratch yourself in the next five minutes.


Attila said...

Be glad he's having it now; I had it when I was 20 and it was hell! Hallucinations, fever, migraine, wishing I could die of it; honest. Hope he's soon better.

Deanne said...

oooh bless, i found calamine cream far easier than calamine lotion, :) and less messy and easier to spread all over :) xxx

clare's craftroom said...

I blew the challenge in under a minute . Hope he gets well soon .

Greentwinsmummy said...

ooo the poor mite! mine have just got over it,M had it then E a fortnight later,I used something called Poxclin,a mousse stuff,Boots had it,its nearly a tenner argg but it helped with the itching.Mine hated calamine lotion,I did use homeopathic remedies on them too,Pulsatilla if they get very weepy & waily & also Bryonia for the grumpy fierce DONT TOUCH ME GRRRRss which both had when the pox were really up & over them.
I managed to give only the odd spoon of calpol which was good as not too keen on them taking that goop :oS but sometimes like this they need it.

Lots of cuddles,oats in an old tight in the bath squished all over to make a creamy froth is good & gentle on the skin too & lots of curled up on the sofa. Huge hugs to the wee chap from the Were Spotty Twosome here :o)
GTM x x x x x
ps I didnt itch,thats cos I am hard harharrrrrr lol!

JuliaB said...

lavender oil will ease the itching and aid healing without scars. it's one of the only really 'safe' essential oils, you can use it neat but you may prefer to dilute it in some calamine lotion. x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I had chicken pox when I was about 22, well I didn't haveit as a child and working on the Chemist counter in boots I was bound to catch it eventually...I took piriton tablets I know you can get it in liquid form, it does cause drowsiness though...I didn't find calamine lotion very good to get on with though I would suggest the cream too!

Jamie had it when she was little and she only had a few spots and it didn't seem to bother her really, fingers crossed and hugs to the little one...

X Alex

Diane.W. said...

Aww,bless him,hope it's only mild.
I'm making myself not itch,lol!!! :o)x

April said...

best thing to do is invite all his friends who haven't had it over for a chicken pox party - and that way everyone gets it over with!!

Lots of fluids and cool baths are good for the itching.

Hope he feels better soon

April xx

Lizzie @ Lizzie's Home said...

Two out of my three kiddos got it last September...right on the school holidays then. That was FUN, LOL.

Not much helped our kids - they got pretty miserable (sorry!) but even though it had no medicinal value whatsoever, we did well having lots of comfort food and treats on hand. Sometimes littlies can get pox on their lips and inside their mouths and it can make swallowing a bit difficult. Plus, they're just generally lethargic and melancholy so a special icecream or ice block (icypole, popsicle...what do you call them over there?) can help with that.

Also, this isn't the time to worry about TV or DVDs...load up on both. I'm not joking...it was the only way we coped...the poor mites were so sick for a good week there that it was all they could do to lie still on the couch...lots of lying still = lots of boredom. Colouring books, small puzzles etc are also really good.

Your young 'um might also have a fever for a couple of days so keep an eye out for that. That usually passes after the first 48 hours though and CP is rarely complicated in kids this young - its more a comfort thing (or lack thereof!) for kid and parents, LOL.

Oh, and find his softest, easiest-to-slip on pjs/clothes...the spots will itch like the blazes against clothing...


Lori R said...

Dang it, I scratched. Now I'm itchy all over. Thanks for that.

Tell littlejellyboy we hope he feels better soon!

Jackie said...

Dare I risk a comment here?
I would like to tell you a very good tip to calm the itching..put about 2 heaped tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda in the bath. It seems to neutralise the 'sting'.
My older son had it (20 years ago!!) and it wasn't too bad, but then the younger one got it and was in a dreadful state but the bicarb helped to stop the urge to itch.

Hah! Your word verification is ...'cheake'

Kathi D said...

Ooooooooh, poor thing! It is the hardest to know they need you and there's not a lot you can do.

Indigo Blue said...

Oh he has my sympathy! Sophie caught it when whe was three and thought it was great fun. (odd child) Even put her own calamine lotion on so I was very lucky with the way she handled it. Don't get too hot I think is a good point as this can make the spots uncomfortable and lead to scratching. That I do remember from having CP as a kid.

busy lizzie said...

I scratched my nose before I got to the end of your I dare you not to scratch sentence!! My 9 and 8 year old havent had it yet. EEEkk!

katie said...

you need to have a chicken pox party while he is still infectious and invite every kid you know who has never had it so that they will get immune and never have the vile and nasty relation - shingles - when they are adults - experience speaking here
and how can I scratch myself when mu fingers are super-glued together!??

Tip Top said...

Samuel got CP when he was 2 - Jacob was 8 weeks old - and he didn't scratch once and he was totally fine too! He just looked like one big spot!

I also bought calamine lotion too and never used it so hope it stays unused for you too!

Kitty said...

Oh the tales I could tell about the pox. My daughter has seen consultants from Gt Ormond St ... because she's had it ... wait for it ... 16 times. Yep, that's right. The last dose was mega mega, and they hope it will have convinced her immune system to 'register' immunity ... but we wait and wait to see.

I hope your young jelly is ok soon - I found cool boiled water, with a few drops of tea tree and lavender oils the best thing for both calming the itch, and preventing scarring.


Simone said...

I'm scratching already!

our shabby cottage said...

I failed....poor boy jelly.