23 April 2009

By George! I've Done It Again!

I have had little opportunity to get into my workroom to sew this week what with boy*jelly driving me mad needing lots of tlc, but there's one thing I can do happily in the living room whilst we're watching Spongebob Squarepants lots of educational telly ...

I've added lots more button necklaces to my Folksy and Artfire shops, and because it's St George's day today, here are two I've made in Union Jack colours. .

And it's not just me that has been rummaging in the beads, button and car-tyre boxes either - here is boy*jelly's necklace that he made for me to sell ...

. .

... any takers?


Kitty said...

You have to keep boy jelly's necklace for posterity. You could even gift it to his eventual wife - I'm sure she'd be thrilled! Seriously, that is a wonderful keepsake.

Your necklaces are gorgeous - so patriotic! x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Yay for st George, and I love the lego wheel, it just adds that finishing touch that obviously will become a boy jelly trademark!

X Alex