1 April 2009

Pity The Fool

When Mr Jelly and I first started courting ... way back when I was still naieve and innocent ...(yes, really) he happened to mention that one of his middle names was Alkavitch because there was some loose connection to Russia on his grandmother's side.
Fast forward several years, when I'm not quite so innocent and we're filling out our passport application forms for the first time.


Me : You've got to put down ALL your names.
Mr J : Huh? I have!
Me : You've missed out Alkavitch
Cue wild laughing and snot-leakage from Mr Jelly's nose.
He'd completely made it up all those years before and then totally forgotten about it.
He finds it much harder to trick me these days.
Mostly because I never listen to a word he says.
So in honour of it being April Fool's day ... what's the best hoax you've heard of / been part of?



April said...

Spaghetti harvest BBC Panorama (I think) sometime in the 60's and last years' flying penguins!

April xx

Kitty said...

My eldest came in today and said their maths teacher had played a blinder. She'd written out some really really hard questions on the board - told them all to sit down and quietly start doing the questions. No.10 said 'April Fool!' :-D x

busy lizzie said...

Im in NZ and in the 70's I think it was a DJ on a radio station announced that a swarm of killer bees was making its way to Auckland. People were advised not to go out and to seal all doors and windows. It caused a bit of havoc, and the DJ was subsequently sacked! Another radio station played the same song all morning. I rang up and requested the song, and ended up winning a giant chocolate bunny! ( I listent to the radio a lot!)

Taz said...

Does my life count? :D

our shabby cottage said...

Oh, that is hilarious!! You poor thing.

silverpebble said...

What a cheeky sausage! I once fooled my sister into thinking our biology teacher had had a monkey gene spliced into her and that this explained while she was, ahem, rather hairy!

Greentwinsmummy said...

ha that made me laff! I had a pal once say to her new beau that she could water ski....
why? I spluttered did you say that??!?
well it sounded cool & its not like I ever am going to be found out is it she replied...

oh yeeeeah honey it is!! lol! he invited her to his siters who just happened to live beside some hooooge lake where guess what! dadaaaa they did water ski~ing! he didnt but his sisters lot did,what did my stunned pal do?
Sit there & drink a whole jug of Pimms,rendering herself immobile to do anything but slide off the chair in a slithery slip let alone be strapped to 2 skis plonked in the water & towed behind a jet boat at 90mph
ah dearie I laffed so hard when she told me
& no that relationship didnt last
GTM x x x

PamperingBeki said...

Haha! What a funny guy!

My (now) husband proposed to me on April fool's day. I didn't think it was a funny joke and he had to work to convince me that he was serious!

Lori R said...

Ha ha :) My hubby did something similar. Here in the States, noncitizens have to get a green card in order to work. Well, he was traveling to Mexico all the time to work, and I swear he told me he had to get a pink card to do it. I found out there was no such thing when he was proofing the Christmas letter and asked why I had written that he had a pink card. He claims he never said any such thing. Well, says I, I don't make this crap up. (That's his favorite line to use on the kids.) Somebody told me that nonsense, and I'm pretty certain it was him!

disa said...

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