5 July 2009

Don't Say "Cheese"

We had a good 4 hour drive down to Cornwall last Saturday.
Before we did anything we went to Tesco's to stock up on some Bacardi and Gin essential food items.
The supermarket was fairly busy and a bit of a squash, and when we got to the checkout, I spied one of those photo-booths.
What happens when you tell a bored six year old boy
(who is in posession of his holiday spending money that dad has given him only hours before to spend on "whatever he likes" and who is also fed up with shopping and you need to get him out from under your feet)
to go and sit in the photo booth and *PRETEND* he's having his photo taken?
. .


Vonnie said...

Ahahahaha!! What a little cutie though ;)

Rhiannon said...

1- Never be surprised by what a bored six year old wil do - my younger brother was (and indeed at 18 still is) a massive liability when bored...
2- bacardi and gin ARE essentials

ps. speaking of the younger brother, I'm sure its the angle but I did do a double take when I first saw the pictures...

clare's craftroom said...

That is priceless !

busy lizzie said...

Bored? But such a stylie photo!

Kitschy Coo said...

He's a cutie! Looks defiant in spending his money :)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Glad he wasn't wearing a hoodie he would have scared me silly! lol ;D

Oh my... he looks 'ard don't ee!

Fab photo... obviously too old to poke his tongue out and pull silly faces... mind you I prefered it when they took 4 different photo's...

take care
Alex x

Indigo Blue said...

He did well to figure out those blasted machines well done! If I had known you were popping down my way I would have shouted 'Hi' and recommended Sainsbury's in Bodmin which is much more civilised and less of a rugby scrum. Let me know if you pop this way again.