11 July 2009

Sand, Sea and, er, Rain

Today we decided to embrace the damp and dismal weather that is yet another summer in the UK and set off for our nearest seaside town:


Walking along the prom, I spotted this sign :
I'm sorry, what?
They obviously have their own technology in Somerset.
(A technology that needs its own zone no less.)
And then we visited the sand festival on the beach.


Just what is this man doing?!
Has he sat on something? Is he straining? Has he got piles?


Apart from that one oddity, there were some fantastic sand sculptures.






We also went on the "Wheel", which I thought was quite brave of me, but it wasn't too terrifying.



And just in case any of you have ever wondered how I maintain my *ahem* figure ...


... I always insist on ice-creams that are the same size as me!


Kitschy Coo said...

Love your pictures! Those scupltures are amazing!

I went there years ago, and a red flag was up and children were (happily) playing in cesspits :(

PS. my word verification was fishi

bekimarie said...

Great photos, it almost looks lovely lol!
All joking aside, a few years ago, Weston beach was voted one of Britains best beaches. I love it there.
You should of popped in for coffee!
Beki xxx

Kathi D said...

Even damp and dreary, I long to be there! I love the UK and it has been too many years since my last visit.

nickynackynoo said...

I hope you finished every last scrap of that ice cream.

LissyLou said...

what fab sand sculptures!! That man did make me giggle though!

Esther said...

fantastic sculptures!!

Deanne said...

those sand sculptures are awesome :) x TFS

Solorn said...

I'm glad you enjoyed a day out in my little town:) Next time your there you should let people know. I would have brought you a cake!

Menopausal musing said...

Fantastic post! Made me roar with laughter at the sand man!:O). Wish I had known it was on... I would have gone...... My spade needs a bit more action, ha! ha! x

Ruth said...

The first sand man makes me a bit uncomfortable (watching somebody be constipated? ew), but the rest are amazing... wow! And that cloud shot is incredible... though I wish they'd bugger off and let the sun back!

Nicola said...

I love the sand sculptures - thank you for sharing them. I canme accross your blog while "blog hopping" but it's bookmarked now :)
Nicola x

Raggy said...

Just found your blog, love your work.Great photo's.
Sandie at Rag Rescue.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the sand sculptures! Looks like a great holiday. Wish it were summer here:)

Cavania said...

Amazing sandcastles

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sand sculptures! We have a sand arts festival here every year, put on by an art college that I work for...I love it!!

our shabby cottage said...

I love sand sculptures and these are brilliant! Love the last photo the best though!!!LOL

Rhiannon said...

*Gasp* Your nearest beach is Weston?!

I would like to say I have fond memories of WSM but being a teenager in a country village with WSM as your nearest "night out" does cause some pretty jaded memories!

Looks like you had a nice day of it though, and wish I'd been around to see those sculptures!