24 June 2009

I'm Off


Yup, me too!
So me and boy*jelly are escaping for a week on Saturday.
From now until then I shall be trying to get everything done and ready!
Keep your finger's crossed for sunny weather, because it will be the second week of Wimbledon AND the same week as Glastonbury.
Maybe I'd better pack those wellies after all ...


Menopausal musing said...

Just having time to chill will be good, but good weather would be the icing on the cake obviously. Have a great time. x

clare's craftroom said...

Have a fantastic time , see you when you get back .

April said...

Have fun!

April xx

LoloDesigns said...

ooh have a yummy time, wellies are a given for any trips round britain ;o) What do our mums always say, better to be safe than sorry! xx

Esther said...

Have fun on holiday whatever the weather!

Josie said...

have a good time!
Josie x

Federica said...

:) you're so fun!!! too fun! I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE reading your blog!!! I'm italian so we don't usually wear wellies on july (^__^) but I've been living in the UK for almost 2 years so my advice is "absolutely take the wellies with you!!!" :) but I'm sure you'll find sunny weather and lovely places to enjoy your holiday! looking forward to reading you again! hugs federica

Ruth said...

Hope you're enjoying the sun! Take That were AMAZING!! I loved it so much, especially when they did the 90s stuff and danced. The one thing I could not deal with was the giant freaky inflatable ring-master type thing... you know, towards the end, with the fire. It looked a LOT like Michael Jackson which we weren't sure was intentional or not... but it was flippin' creepy regardless. But anyway, I now possess an "I [heart] GARY" shirt that I will treasure. Thanks for persuading me to go!