4 June 2009

Oh Boy!

There are certain rites of passage every boy must go through before they can officially declare themselves a man.
... their first shave ...
... their first kiss ...
... their first time getting their arm trapped between the closing bus doors ...
(or was that just Mr Jelly?)
And there are certain things a boy must go through before he can call himself a
proper boy.
From this ...
To this ...
And all it took was one tree stump at school.


clare's craftroom said...

A wound I'm sure he is very proud of !

Pink Feather Paradise said...

How did the tree stump fair!?

Arnica cream and Ice cream... eat the ice cream! not the arnica!

mind you it would probably sting on the graze... the arnica... not the ice cream!

oh I'm off coz even I am getting confused...

Take care

Menopausal musing said...

That is going to be SOME bruise..... daily inspections will be made as it changes colour! Hope he feels okay x

Josie said...

awww, hope he's okay - my son tripped up years ago on the first day of the school holiday and gashed his head rather badly so we spent the usual two hours in A & E, by which time son was very getting bored as he said
"how long is it going to be before I get my head seen to?" ........
and everyone who knows him will say we are still waiting!

Josie x

Esther said...

Ouch. I had my eldest home from sent school recently for a similar wound though he bashed his head as well.. he was hop scotching by the next day!

nifty thrifty said...

Those are proper boy knees - in my experience girl knees can look slightly similar, except they like to adorn them with plasters - boys prefer to show how maimed they are!

busy lizzie said...

Oooouch! Busy son No 1 was initiated into boyhood, with a stab in the eye with a pencil from some vindictive child. Followed a couple of weeks later by mouth meeting outside bench at school. Resulting in very big scar! he's 18 and handsome now!

Indigo Blue said...


Taz said...

Yep he's definately a big boy now ;)
Next you've got the fun of finding all his picked off scabs LOL