21 June 2009

Who's The Daddy?

I saw this idea on Beki's blog ages ago and completely, totally and
un-ashamedly stole it for a Father's day present for Mr Jelly.
I've been dying to show the pictures off to you, but of course I couldn't because, although he says he never reads my blog, I'm sure Mr Jelly takes a sneeky peek now and then ...
(click to see larger size)
I ordered some wooden letters from ebay
(I realised just in time that I only actually needed one "D" !)
and then dragged took boy*jelly to his school on a Saturday a secret location where there are some dry-stone-wall buildings to use.
Thanks Beki for the idea - it's made me look really creative and clever!


nickynackynoo said...

This is such a great idea! Love it. One letter each for my 3 boys next year it is then.

Sarah said...

Fab idea! Probably won't remember it for next year though!

The Gorbys said...

I love it! So, so cute! Your little one is so precious...what great pictures!

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog :)

Esther said...

That is so cute.. hum gran isn't very long either and nana has 2 letters one for each of my boys.. hum I can see several ideas there.

clare's craftroom said...

We don't have Fathers Day here till September , I hope I remember to do this before then . Thanks and thanks to Beki .

Wendy said...

That came out cute! Looks like boy*jelly didn't mind the modeling too much... :o)

April said...

what a brilliant idea!

April xx

LissyLou said...

That is a great idea - ooooh i must do that next year!!

Kitschy Coo said...

What a great idea, I must remember this!

Ruth said...

Such a cute idea - hope Mr Jelly loved it! I snagged the Take That ticket by the way, and will now only be eating Tesco Value baked beans for the next month. All for a glimpse of The Barlow ;)

Red Riding said...

just to let you know my rachywachywoo/kraftygal account will soon be deleted

this is my new blog,

i hope you can stop by sometime

have a lovely day


Gem said...

What a lovely idea, I'll try and remember this when I have kids!

Looks like you got some great goodies on your shopping trip - a girlie can never have too many floral tops :) And floral shoes too! They were so sweet :) If you don't mind me asking, where were the lttle floral pumps from?

Gem xx

Kandis said...

Clicked over from Beki's blog!! Love the DAD pictures!!

Trasie Bressler said...

Came Over from Beki's.....Love the pictures!

busy lizzie said...

I LOVE that idea. Hmmmm, fathers day coming up soon here...