4 March 2009

Your Recommendations Please

I have a few sewing projects in my head, but I'm really struggling to find nice, reasonably-priced fabric online.
So here's where you come in.
Can you give me links to online fabric stores that :
  • sell cheapish fabric,
  • ship Internationally if they're in the US,
  • sell in lengths bigger than Fat Quarters (ideally in metres, but yards will do)
  • sell unusual, interesting, retro, Kawaii type prints for using on children's items
I'm hoping with the power of blogging that I get lots of lovely linky-doos to check out.
Please leave your recommendations in the comments.
And because I can't possibly have a post without a photo ...

Picture of a butterfly I took last summer in the back garden on the lawn.



Lori R said...

This is a website my mom uses. They have a wide selection, but not the cute kawaii stuff. They ship internationally, but I don't know if it's cheap or not!

Shar said...


That's all I got. I'm not sure of the prices.

I hope you find some great fabric!

Kitty said...

Check out eBay. I know it sounds bizarre, but I have had some fabulous fabric bargains from there. There are some American sellers who ship delicious fabric over here, and British sellers who deal in everything from basic twill, to recycled fabrics, to ... just about anything you want.

Good luck with it. x

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Oh, there's some drool-worthy sites there!
Keep your recommendations coming!
I can never get bored of looking at fabric sites :o)

Marie said...

Have you tried Abahkan fabrics? Not the most cutting edge of fabric sellers, but sometimes you can find a gem:



My word verfication is springsts....like spring stitches. Cool! LOL (I'm so easily amused).

clare said...

You'd be surprised what you can sometimes find on ebay . Good luck .
clares craftroom

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hello my name is Mummy Boo Bear and yes I am a fabricaholic!!!

I have a few websites that I quite sadly drool over. I found this new one only a few days ago, dont think they have been running for long but do some lovely quirky stuff they are called and I love this :-

Fabric Rehab - www.fabricrehab.co.uk

there is also this one

Cotton Patch -

and this


and this one which is American and I have had some fabric from them last year (when it did work out slightly cheaper) and they were great.


I think all of them price it as a fat quater you order how much you want and they send it to you in a full metre or yard!!!

Hope thats helpful!

Stacey said...

I agree w/ other posts:

1. jcarolinecreative.com
2. hancocks paducah (love them)
3. Quilthome.com
4. fashionablefabrics.com

Those are the few I use most of the time.

Good luck...you should post your fav so we can all check it out as well!

bex said...

have you tried www.eternalmaker.com ?
ive just stumbled across your blog via the british craft fair website. im organising a craft fair in cheltenham on the april the 25th...wondered if you would be interested? theres more info at www.lovelylittlecheltenhamcraftfair.blogspot.com.
sorry if this wasa bit forwars?

Taz said...

Gorgeous butterfly oh and if your piles were that painful then OWWWW!

I have used www.fabricrehab.co.uk and there stuff is lovely, I've also just stumbled across another great seller (via ebay) when looking for buttons. There site is www.textilegarden.co.uk, not sure if their textile page is open yet but they have the MOST gorgeous buttons.

Taz said...

Thanks for the link. Have you received buttons from them? I've never ordered anything from Hong Kong.

Taz said...

I do like a good biscuit so I guess I'll risk it. :) Thanks hon.