8 March 2009

New Career Opportunity : Comedy


I made up a joke yesterday ...
Q. "What do you call an umbrella that doesn't know what it is?"
A. "An ummmmm-brella"
I'm totally thinking I should jack in all this sewing malarkey and book an
open-mic slot at my nearest comedy club.
What do you think?
You think I've been spending too much time with a six year old?
I'd better go un-pack the sewing machine then....



busy lizzie said...

I reckon you would do really well as a stand up. However you are equally brilliant as a creative genius. A little test to see if you have been in the company of ankle biters too much. Say bumfish! about 20 times, and if the other person is still laughing then you need to get out more!!

Karen said...

Hi Emma, just wanted you to know that your package arrived. I have been working a lot and was/am in the process of moving so it took a little longer for my goodies to find me. I will post pictures as soon as my internet is up and running. THANKS!!!

Simone said...

I think you would be great as a stand up comic (even a sit down one) but you would need to expand your act!

Taz said...

Well I can honestly say you're much better than some acts I've seen. ;)

momof2gr8kids said...

you are too silly!!!