25 March 2009

Pick Your Excuse

Okay, so pick your favourite excuse as to why I haven't posted to my blog in over 2 weeks.
(1) George Clooney ran out of petrol right outside my house and came inside to wait for a taxi. As soon as he was inside, all the windows and doors mysteriously wouldn't open so Mr Jelly and boy*jelly had to stay in a hotel leaving me and George trapped in the house....

(2) A big alien spaceship landed in my garden and sucked me into their ship in a beam of light. They proceeded to probe me looking for signs of intelligent life.

It's taken them all this time to find it.

(3) I invented a time machine and in fact it's still yesterday to me and you're all two weeks ahead of me.
(4) I am going for the blogging-record of leaving the longest amount of time between hosting a giveaway and announcing the winner ... I think my chances of beating it are pretty good.
(5) I am juggling 4 projects at the moment, all of which are top-secret for now. Something had to give, and it was my blog.
My next post will be announcing who has won the beaded watch giveaway.
It won't say how long they will have to wait before they receive it.


madmummy said...

Ooooo, definately no.1! Hope you had fun with George!!!
xxx Steph

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I can't decide which would be a better excuse - an alien probe or a George Clooney probe... Glad to see you back.

Jackie said...

I don't care that you haven't posted ...it was worth it for that pic of George...

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Jackie - I know, it's drooly isn't it? It took me ages to get him to sit still for long enough to take the picture. He couldn't keep his hands off me ;o)

Jackie said...

Poor you!

Josie said...

my record of longest between a giveaway winner and sending it is -winner - august then I sent at christmas!
Josie x

claire said...

Oh I knew it wasn't number one as George has been here - with me :)
I think it was the time machine one... :)

LoloDesigns said...

No.3 would be a very handy gadget to have and could be put to good use with Mr Clooney ;o) x

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hi Em, you are always making me laugh - everytime I pop over...and what with your crafting skills hun, you definitely derserve this award..

Pop over to my place to pick it up :)

Love Happy xx

Gina said...

Thanks for calling by my blog. Have had lots of fun reading back through your posts... not sure why I haven't found you before! Why did you let George Clooney go? Or have you still got him hidden in a cupboard somewhere?

Kitty said...

Well, this does explain why George was so knackered when he turned up at mine this morning :-O

It's your blog ... you get to post what you like, when you like, which is when you can. Them's the rules!

Take care. x

busy lizzie said...

Hey I got sucked into that space ship too. They chucked me out after they confirmed there was indeed no intellegent life!! glad you are still with us though, and give my love to George. Tell him to email me, if he cant return my phone calls.

trisha too said...

i kind of like the alien excuse, but the George Clooney one is way more fun!

Leah said...

If I had George locked in my house I'd never blog again as I'd have died happy!!

our shabby cottage said...

In a dream world it would be excuse No.1 for sure. George works for me in a big way...sigh...

Marie said...

No words. Just *Clooney Drool*