11 March 2009

Watch This Space

I know, I know ... I was supposed to have announced the winner of my watch giveaway by now, but did you see how many entries there were?!
I'm slowly writing them all out and checking who did a linky-poo on their blog to make sure they get a free entry.
So, I haven't forgotten - I'm not diddling anybody - I'm just really busy with a couple of last-minute wholesale orders.
(And suffering from writer's cramp!)



clare said...

I just stopped in for a visit to say hi !
clares craftroom

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Lucky winner who ever it may be... That watch is gorgeous, Sarah x

AJ said...

I'm willing to wait a few more days til you pull my name out!! :P

Tiff said...

I totally forgot about this . LOL no worries!

Taz said...

Noticed your missing again lady, so before you think no one noticed - are you ok? x

urban craft said...

Argh! I just find new blogs and always miss giveaways. Bummer. Great giveaway too. Cool blog! Thanks!

trisha too said...

oh, see, here i thought you stopped by because you like me. sheesh! you were just doing super secret spy stuff!

heck, woman, it's been so long, i can't even remember if i linked you or not!!


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