6 February 2009

The Post In Which I Demonstrate How Easy It Is To Use A Ridiculous Amount Of Superfluous Words When Only A Few Would Do Quite Adequately

On a recent visitation to my local sports and recreation facilities, I needed to avail myself of the changing rooms provided for persons of the female gender to disrobe and slip into their apparel designed for the purpose of swimming in.
Whilst surveying my surroundings, I was intrigued to espy a notice erected by the Council responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the aforementioned facilities, which caused me to screw my ladylike features into a confused and puzzled expression.
I considered the wording of the sign whilst stowing my belongings into a locker provided by the same council for such a purpose, and continued to ponder its meaning whilst partaking in a number of lengths of the swimming pool.
The only conclusion I could begin to arrive at was that the same council would not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any posessions placed in the lockers provided.
At least one can only assume that is the meaning of such a bizarrely worded statement :
One has to assume that they would also not be held responsible for any posessions NOT placed into the lockers either, otherwise wouldn't you just leave all your belongings lying on the benches?
Or are they saying they DO accept responsibilty?
In the event that you cannot read all of the wording of this sign, I recommend you place the cursor of your computer over the image and depress the button on the mouse attached to your PC. This action will furnish you with a larger view of the image. However, I would like to point out, that I cannot be held responsible for any tutting, sighing, eye-rolling or snorting that ensues from carrying out this action.
Please address any concerns you may have experienced from reading this blog-post in the comments section below.
(Or do you all get it and I'm being thick?)


busy lizzie said...

As soon as they start bandying words around like: of, or, nor, or breach, I get a bit lost. They should just have a sign that says: KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR STUFF, WE'RE NOT LOOKING AFTER IT.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I agree and concure with the aforementioned busy lizzie... if in fact the powers that be could speak proper like we would all be in a happier more coherent land!

Of course if you visit Chard in Somerset you'll need a portugese to english translation book as most signage is in their language!lol

x Alex

Pixiedust said...

Made me giggle. xxx

Esther said...

In Coventry we have lots of notices titled Polite Notice.. which then normal use words like please and thank you so it seems a bit redundant. They are normally in shops of owners who's first language isn't English.. Thing is for ages my dyslexic brain wondered why they would have notices from the police! :)

Lori R said...

See what happens when you let the sharks, I mean the lawyers, into the pool? They lose one little thing in the locker room and they get all snippy, then the management has to post signs for them in their language to help them remember to take care of their own things. Honestly! Well, look at the bright side: it gave you some brain exercise during your workout.

By the way, my son recently informed me that gentleman wear trousers, sometimes pants (US), but most certainly, under no circumstances, do they ever wear britches.

Thanks for the invite! I'm adding you to my Google reader :)

Taz said...

Surprised the sign is still there if they think everyone is grabbing things out of the lockers how could a poor wee sign survive.

By the way a Liger is half lion, half tiger. :D